Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Gods Words Becomes Things......deno....share freely.

John 1:14)....and the Word became, the Word became, the Word became  flesh and dwelt amongst us.

       In conjunction with the truth of our above text, did you know that Gods spoken Words called the Promises of God are also themselves alive with the glory and power of the Almighty Spirit of God in them. They are spirit and they are alive full of Gods life.
        Jesus said the Father has life in Himself. God has Eternal Power and Everlasting Life in His Eternal Spirit. All that inside glory of God, His internal eternal power and everlasting life and life giving creating energies He released and packed inside HIS SPOKEN WORDS & PROMISES. He sent those empowered Words/Promises to us.
       Those Words/Promises, the glory and power of God in them are activated in our life and in our world when people on earth find them and really mix faith with them. When we do WE PROFIT (Hebrews 4:2).
      Gods spoken Words/Promises are really more alive than all physical matter. Matter of fact all physical matter was made from, came from the glory and from the power of God that is in His Spoken Words. The bible reveals to us that God created all things and that BY THE WORD OF THE LORD THEY WERE MADE.
       Well as Jesus, the Word of God became flesh and lived and dwelt amongst us, even so Gods Spoken Words/Promises that He has sent to us, all those Words also are alive and ready to BECOME FLESH, to become things for us, to become transformed into heavenly and physical things and realities in us, in our lives. They care sen to become realities and things in us and among us depending in whom or in what they are sent to perform their living sent forth purpose and glory put in them BY GOD.
        God has already commissioned and approved those Words/Promises to go, work, and prosper for you and I when He Spoke them and put His power and glory in them and commanded them to prosper in things wherein they are sent. Well they were sent to the earth you and I to lay holt on to them and activate their glory in our lives by the mixing our hearts faith with them. All they need is the go ahead and do it for me by the faith of the believer that mixes his personal activating power with them, his faith.
.......Jesus said, Believe what I say (he is the Word of God) and you will see the glory of God. For a lack of a better word, there is HOLY MAGICAL MIRACLE WORKING POWER AND GLORY OF OUR CREATING GOD IN HIS WORDS FOR US TO OPEN UP BY FAITH AND RELEASE BY FAITH THAT POWER AND GLORY INTO OUR  LIVES. When we learn this truth and live by theWord in the obedience of faith our personal world will change wonderfully....deno.....share freely.