Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jesus & The Spirit of God Without Measure.....deno......share freely.

.........The bible tells us that Jesus had the Spirit and Presence of God His Father given to him on this earth, in this world, without measure (John 3:34 KJV). Jesus and The Father that the angels cry unto in the higher glory saying Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty, were living and walking and ministering together as One on the earth in this world. In the natural, the natural eyes were blind to the actual sight of the glory that Jesus was full of each day by God without measure. Now Peter, James and John on the mount of transfiguration saw that glory one day, but for one day only. God opened their eyes in a vision to see that glory. God graced and allowed them to see that higher glory when Jesus took them (those 3) a little further than the rest. 
.........And there on that mount, Jesus was transfigured before their eyes and He and his clothes began to shine brighter than all white and light ever seen by men and they all were in the cloud of the presence and glory of God that was given to Jesus without measure. It was a fuller filled sight of the glory of God in and with Jesus that was with and upon THE WORD HIMSELF/ITSELF  EVERYWHERE he went though it went unseen. Just because others did not see it in and shining from Jesus every day did not mean that the glory of God was not in and with and upon THE WORD every day FOR IT WAS. That invisible glory and presence of the Father was healing thousands and performing all kinds of miracles, signs, and wonders that no one had ever seen or done before. Friends always, everyday, Jesus who had the Spirit of the Lord WITHOUT MEASURE, the Power of the Lord to heal them all was ever present and with Jesus to do so and often times that power did..
.......Now All this the Lord had me to write so we would SEE THIS. He that was holy, He that is without sin, He that is pure light and full of eternal power and glory did something that I want you to see and God wants us to know for joy and for rejoicing sake if we really see its love and grace glory. It is found in Matthew 9:10,11) NKJV...verse 10) Now IT HAPPENED, as Jesus (whom the Spirit of God was in, with, and upon WITHOUT MEASURE) sat at a table in the house, and behold,(notice, recognize, see) MANY tax collectors and many sinners CAME and SAT DOWN with Jesus, sat down with Jesus, sat down with Jesus and with His disciples.
.........Friend those tax collectors and those sinners also were sitting down with and in the Presence of GOD the Father who was alive in Jesus thru His Spirit that He gave Jesus without measure though the physical eyes of the people could not naturally see HIM, nor the glory of God shining in, from and upon Jesus. But God graced Jesus' atmosphere so that the people in the presence and power and gory of God on earth would not die. They were not rebuked or resisted by the Spirit of the Holiest of all that was in, with, and all around Jesus. He sat down with them and they sat down with God and lived to tell about it and about Jesus the Son of God who was anointed with the Holy Ghost and Power.
.........The power of the Lord and His glory is always here with us even though we do not see it nor feel it although it is at times tangible to the heart and to the soul and to the touch and our eyes can be opened to see it as Peter, James, and Johns eyes were allowed to do so.. When peoples hearts really believe, the Spirit of the Lord sees that faith and melting love and or virtue/power flows from within Jesus into the believers, into the believing ones.
........So we conclude this light with this. Since God can sit with sinners on earth in welcoming fashion and in peace in the most hostile spiritual environment to the Spirit of the Lord that can be found in all creation (THIS WORLD WHERE SATAN IS EVERYWHERE), we can be assured and confident of his love for us and of the peace that we have with him,being we believe and belong to Christ as his very own flesh and bone NOW SEATED with him even now IN THE SPIRIT in heavenly places. For since on this earth SINNERS and the despised TAX COLLECTORS can sit with him at his table by invite in a peace gathering, surely WE who are Christ own flesh and bone can, HELLO, being that his flesh and bone bodily members are MADE BY GOD just as much a part of Jesus as he is of himself (By the Body Of Christ Love Connection) having EVEN the same peace with God as the One whose body THEY BELONG TO and whose flesh and bone THEY BE which is Christ and no others. (See Ephesians 5:28-32)....When your eyes are opened to what was just said, you will SEE THE LOVE GLORY OF THIS MESSAGE IN LIGHT.....deno.....share freely....Glory to God.
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