Monday, January 19, 2015

Lord, Im Here Again Standing On Your Promises.....deno......share freely.

........And after doing all to stand, STAND THEREFORE....with Gods belt of truth around your waste. (Ephesians 6:13-14).

       Jesus said, sanctify them (The Church) with Your Truth, Gods word is Truth....When we have needs we can wrap our need up with the truth of Gods Word and with the promise that we have in Gods Word and ON THAT UNBREAKABLE SOLID FOUNDATION we by faith can stand stand stand until that promise becomes flesh, becomes physical, or a reality that is dwelling amongst us in our lives. Jesus, the Word of God BECAME FLESH. Gods spoken Words and Promises are also given to us to BECOME THINGS.
       Gods Word Cannot Fail. If it has to go to the Cross, to the grave, taste death, or go into us, or into heaven or into hell itself, or go the farthest outer realms of the creation to bring forth and to fail not and to come to pass and to keep coming to pass  IT WILL AND WILL DO SO UNFAILINGLY. Gods Living Words cannot fail.
       Gods Words, Gods Promises are Gods alive miracle workers that he has sent and that He has given to us His Children on earth. Its His God Power and Heavenly Glory all packaged up in understandable Living Words in Promise form and given unto us for a taste of Heaven on earth by the obedience of faith.
       The way the glory of the Lord in His promises given to us is released is, (You know the truth and You know the way), we open up those packages by faith. Jesus said, Believe that those things you ask or say shall come to pass and Jesus Swore IT WILL...and after doing all to stand, stand, stand, stand.
       That is the Lords Word. That is the Lords Promise. That is the only assurance, the assurance that faith in Gods Word brings. I believe in miracles. I believe in God.
       Are you at the Red Sea pushed into a corner? The Name and the Word of the Sea Splitter works wonders in those situations. Call upon Him, for His strength is made perfect in weakness and even in what seems to be hopeless and helpless situations. Jesus is His Name......deno.