Sunday, January 18, 2015

Lord, Behold Their Threatenings...Prayer for America......deno......pray with us and share freely.

       Heavenly Father, All things are possible with God and nothing is to hard for the Lord. Father there are unbelieving people of Your first covenant chosen people, and Muslims, and unbelieving Atheist and humanist trying to devour and steal away our nations faith and trust in Jehovah the one true God and from Jesus Christ your Son. They are trying to denounce, destroy, and to take away our faith and hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are trying to bushel our Christian light and our nations Christian roots and heritage. They want us to be silent, to speak and pray no more publicly in the name of Jesus Christ Your Son. They want us to be asleep at the political wheel of our nation so that their delusion and evil agenda can have unhindered free course thru their subtle take over of our nations government and our future. But Lord Your Word of truth says, Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord.
      Lord Jesus, these same people do not agree with you nor do they believe that you are the Christ, nor the Son of God. They have been and are even now warring politically and spiritually against you and us the church. They are working openly, and in Stealth they are scheming trying to change Americas self view and world views. Their goal is to change America from a Christian nation as the President tried to proclaim in his beginning days as true, that America is no longer a christian nation, to a God forsaken nation, or a nation under others false gods, false doctrines and other beliefs, having their moral guide lines no longer that of Jesus Christ the redeeming truth and the light of life. 
        These people own and are using the news industry, the television industry, the movie and music industry, the internet as part of their AntiJesus and AntiChristian agenda and push to upend out of the hearts and minds of this generation the gospel of Jesus Christ and replant and promote immorality and ungodliness like never before in our nation or to change the truth for a lie, and false beliefs and false gods to replace the risen Son of God and You Father from the hearts and minds of the America people.
      But God you alone are God and Jesus Christ Your Risen Son, his blood, death, and resurrection is your glorious signature and truth on earth. Jesus did not shed all those innocent tears nor go to the Cross in vain, nor shed forth his precious sinless blood without cause. He died on that Cross for our sins punishment and rose again for our true ever enduring, everlasting real genuine hope thru grace given us from the love of God. 
      So now Heavenly Father in Jesus Name from Christ and the Holy Spirit in us RISE UP BIG  and IN GREAT POWER AND GRACE in the church of the living God and destroy and bring to nought and total failure all their evil plottings and Anti Jesus Christ schemes, all their tactics and works that they have done and are doing and wanting to do against Your Holy Son Jesus Christ and the against the church in America and around the world. 
       Father behold their threatenings and Answer them back from the Throne of your majesty of Jesus Christ Your Sons Glory and Grace in and thru the church of the living God in His Mighty Name. Grant the move of Your Holy Spirits greater than all hands of Power to be stretched forth to this generation in America and into all the nations in great power, mercy, and compassion and authority in true undeniable healings, miracles, and in signs and wonders thru the work of faith with power that Jesus and His Name and the truth that his blood, death and resurrection speaks be preached on every street, in every heart, opening eyes and saving souls in numbers in America and in the nations of the world far above and far beyond all the yesterdays, of the history of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Grace on earth.
        Lord Jesus send into America and into the nations a mighty Holy Spirit flood of Christ Jesus' Love, Light, Strengths, Gospel, Grace, Power, Authority, Presence, and Glory and put to nought all the enemies of the precious redeeming blood of Christ. Cast them out Lord Jesus, remove them out of all the government seats that they occupy in their godless anti Jesus Christ immoral agenda and REPLACE and put in all the thrones that are the seats of government power in America,  in every town and state in our nation, replace and put in those government seats of power and of authority the true, and sincere, wise bodily members of Jesus Christ full of faith, wisdom, and the Spirit of the Lord to lead, guide, and direct our nation from the governing strengths that Jesus in his blessing us provides and supplies and remove all this ungodly madness going on in our nation from the crown down.
      Heavenly Father only you and your Son Jesus Christ are our life, our hope, our strength, glory, and THE SAVING TRUTH.  Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord and whose hope is forever in Jesus Christ Gods Risen Son who in Gods true and great love for us all overcame sin, death, hell and the grave so that we could be saved, filled with endless hope and even become One Nation Under God In Christ Jesus the true light of the world......AMEN......share freely.