Friday, January 16, 2015

The Sins of the Kings of Israel......share freely.......deno.

     But we want a king to be over us said the children of Israel. The prophet said to God, God they want a king over them like the other nations. God said, but I am their king. I know that said the prophet, but they insist. You know how your people are? Well, even though having a king was not Gods best for them and what God originally wanted for Israel, He in His love and goodness gave in to their wish and granted them kings to rule over them. Yet the truth of the matter on the most part, those kings were mostly awful. How often in His love God has bowed and bent down to the will and needs of His sinful people lest they be broken?
      Saul the first king, was stubborn and would not obey God faithfully and he tried to do things his way to many times and eventually God got so tired of Sauls heart that God tore the throne, the kingdom from Saul and his seed. Yet still, (note this) it was God that chose Saul to be the first king. Saul got his start as king of Israel, Saul was appointed and Anointed to be king by God Himself thru the prophet Samuel. God graced Saul for that honor and yet still Saul was terrible at obeying the Lord.  Mens hearts have over the many generations, even the anointed ones, their hearts have been turned away from God. It is amazing in numbers. Like David, their hearts God sees and likes, but something later happens under temptations and they  fall backwards. It is a common thing in the life and the history of many of Gods people, even of the best. The sins of the kings.
       We have the Anointing. We can have the Lord with us, but even though God blesses us, ordains us, anoints us with His Spirit for the ministry or position or a throne of authority that He has called us unto, God will not over ride our own wills. If you want to preach the gospel and live in adultery and sin at the same time, you can actually do that. God honors every person choices good or bad, wise or unwise. But just like king Saul and David, your bad choices, your sins whatever they be will soon come back to see you with an ugly face attached to it called judgement, the spanking of the Lord. The measure of that judgement is up to God as he reads the heart of the transgressor.
       God honors every man and woman's free will and freedom of choice. He has done so from the very beginning. He does the same to this day. That is why we must really will it and pray it that Gods will be done and not ours. But we have to ASK HIM to do that. Father, your will be done on earth even as it is in heaven. Seems like King Saul only wanted Gods will done mostly only when his stubborn will brought him trouble and pain. SOUND FAMILIAR ?
      Then came David to be King. God selected David. God anointed David with the kings anointing. As a young man David thrilled the heart of God with his passion for God and for his courage and faith in the Name of the Lord and the covenant. So much so that God took David the shepherd boy, and placed him on the throne of Israel. God chose David also just like He did Saul. God appointed and Anointed David as king over Israel. But the calling, the positioning of David on the throne and that kings Anointing did not nullify Davids own independent will or human sinful passions. David sinned also against the righteous scepter of the throne, against God, against Uriah, against the Anointing. 
       David as Gods selected and anointed king over Israel committed adultery and murder. The blood of Uriah was on his hands. His sins, though God forgave David, those sins caused David tremendous problems within his dynasty and within his family. His sin may have topped Sauls in measure. God knows. The old covenants forgiveness measure did not always remove the Fathers paddle from the life of the transgressors. 
      David, though God forgave him, those sins consequences were like a sword and a thorn in his side and in his families life that seemed to refuse to leave. In the old covenant, sins could not be purged as they are in the new covenant. They had only the limited power of the blood of animals to intercede and to atone for their sins. In the new covenant we have the blood of God atoning for our sins. HUGE DIFFERENCE. BIG BIG  DIFFERENCE. A more greater sacrifice has been offered for our sins. God became a Lamb in the man Christ Jesus and died for our transgressions. Nothing can compare to any of the power of God. Not to his Name. Not to His Words. Not to His Spirit, AND NOT TO HIS OWN BLOOD. 
     Well the selected, called, appointed, anointed David as king of Israel, he to sinned against God and the throne. God gives all of us the call, the selection, the appointing, the positioning, the anointing to reign in life as kings, Paul wrote so, but not all are because they do not know that they are kings in Christ, nor see that they are kings in Christ. Also because many of us who are so loved by God still let our own wills rule us and our life and not Gods will. Every morning people plan their day out without even consulting God about it and they give God the leftovers. Well that sure did not work for the kings of Israel and I assure you that same way, that same attitude will not bring the favor and the blessings of the Lord into our lives and days. The double minded James said, should not think that they shall receive anything from the Lord. The church and the individual believers are weak and so often so powerless because their double mindness is robbing them of victory, of blessings, of favor and joy, and Christ in their life realities (James 1:5-8).
        Then after David came Solomon, David and Bathshebas second child together. They lost the first child from the adultery conception. Solomon was their second child together. God appeared to Solomon in a dream and personally asked Solomon, What would you have Me do for you Solomon? Solomon started out with God, pleasing God with what he asked of the Lord. He asked for wisdom and knowledge to rule the people of Israel wisely as their king. God was well pleased with Solomon and with what he asked him. God said to him, Solomon you could have asked Me for riches, for wealth, for gold and silver but instead you asked for wisdom to lead and to rule My People and so for this I will grant you what you have asked. Solomon by My gift to you you shall excel in wisdom and knowledge as a king and no other king shall ever be able to be compared to your wit and wisdom and with this also I am going to make you the wealthiest king ever. All the days of your life shall be blessed with these gifts and blessings and no other king before you or after you shall be arrayed with such glory as the glory of Solomon. 
        It is absolutely amazing what this Word that God spoke into Solomon and into his life as king of Israel accomplished. That Word entered into Solomon and entered into others and into all the fields, fruits, animals etc. and other things in Israel and into people from other nations and that Word in them, not them but THAT SPOKEN WORD FROM THE MOUTH OF THE GOD THAT CANNOT LIE WHOSE WORD CANNOT FAIL working in them caused exceeding great and glorious things to be found and to be accomplished in Solomons life and reign as the king of Israel. It (That Spoken Word of God into Solomon and His life as king of Israel) even seemed to enter into the earth itself for its finest treasures and storages of gold and silver to open up and yield their glory and splendor into the life of King Solomon. For all the years of Solomons life, during the times he pleased God and even during the times that Solomon sinned, and he sinned greatly, even like no other king, that Word that God spoke into Solomon and into his life prevailed and did not cease or fail despite the good or the evil that Solomon committed. As long as Solomon lived that promise that God spoke into the life of Solomon new no breaks. They were only dissolved after Solomon returned unto the dust.
      Oh the things that one could write about Solomon and all the kings of Israel to the present us, and when I think of God and how truly sweet, wonderful, and great He is and how He is so good and how He so loves, and yet despite all His goodness and all He does for us, His creatures, from the beginning, we all have shown Him such contempt, dishonor and disrespect. We have sinned against 100% goodness and 100% love from the first two to the present us and all those in between.
    Oh God our God and Savior You have been so kind and gracious to us thru-out all the generations.  When we deserved wrath instead so many time undeservingly You showed us mercy. But it was Your love that caused mercy to triumph over wrath and your grace to triumph over our sins just as the Word you spoke into Solomons life. That Words goodness, strengths, power, and kindness that You spoke into Solomons life prevailed and triumphed even over all the sins of Solomon and still blessed him according to the full measure of the blessing that you spoke into his life despite all his manifold sins, transgressions, and despite all he said and did contrary to the Holiness of God. God that is also the glory of the love of God in the gospel grace promises that You have Sworn unto and into all of us who believe and belong to Christ. That is the power of even the gospel and grace given us in Jesus Christ. For by grace we have been blessed with salvation thru faith, and that not according to ourselves, it is Gods promise, Gods gift that He has spoken and Sworn in His love into the soul of all of us that believe, It is not of our works and doings, but according to His grace He has saved us. He has Sworn in His Love the everlasting promise of salvation to all who believe and belong to Jesus Christ, by the blood of His Cross. And that Word of God that He has spoken into us in Christ Jesus unto salvation is greater than the Promise and greater than the power of the Words that He spoke into Solomon, which promise prospered in Solomon all the days of his life thru the good and thru the bad, thru the right deeds and even thru all his many terrible sins.....Thank You God for all that You have spoken and Sworn in Your great love for us in Christ Jesus. Amen.....deno.....share freely.