Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gods Love verse Demonic Love...Seeing the difference.....deno.....share freely.

......I Have To Write This. Its Just Stirring All Up In Me This Morning. I hope you get what we are trying to convey here....Man Im stirred up on the inside.....Like a fire in my bones. Feels like one of those I could write all day stirrings......Lord Jesus be honored and glorified.....deno....
      When that prodigal son came back home could he be used of God? Having been  shown so much love wouldn't he have said yes to the call? He was so amazed how his Father still So Loved Him. His Father treated him even as if he had never gone astray or sinned against his holy and  good and love of God upbringing.....The following is what i am stirred to write about Gods love verses Demonic love. The difference. If you will read this entirely and prayerfully, you will see what the Lord is opening our eyes to.
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      Jesus is perfect love as Gods perfect love really is. Jesus said in the book of John that not all people have the love of God in them (John 5:43). So that being said means that the kind of love that those or some people have in them, in their heart, is not Gods love but the love of the world and the love of evil. Not Gods Love. IMPORTANT POINT THERE. All the world is moving, functioning, and thinking by one of these loves or the other. Only one is the true love from God. The other two are of evil.
       Yes Jesus said the world, this evil world, meaning this evil people loves its own. They, the evil people even fall in love, marry, and have children but many of them die without GODS LOVE IN THEIR HEART. They depart this world at deaths knocking having another kind of love in them (a lying deceitful lust and a deceitful love). They thru that other kind of love DO NOT make it into heaven. This tells is that not all love is acceptable to God. It may be to people and good in their own eyes but in the eyes of the God in whom we all have to account to, not all love is holy nor acceptable in His sight. That should sound the alarm..
      JESUS EVEN SAID SO. He taught to many MARRIED IN LOVE PEOPLE that even had and were raising children that they did not have the love of God in them and that if they did not repent and believe he was the Son of God, they would die and perish in their sins. Search the scriptures and you will find that these words are absolutely the truth. Being loving parents does not in itself exclude a soul from hell. If so hell would be so empty. All of us must repent and believe the gospel, not just believe only.
      But that kind of love, even natural to us parenting love, this natural evil love is deceitful and misguiding though it can of itself feel very deeply to all of us in the emotional realm and that is why many do not overcome its tantalizing senses as to call those love or even lusty feel good feelings sin or wrong. IT SEEMS AND EMOTIONALLY FEELS SO GOOD SO RIGHT SO HOW COULD IT BE SO WRONG.
      HEAR YE HEAR YE......But since loving parents in all the nations who raise children and send them to school end up in hell who repented not and who rejected the love of God in Christ, what shall be of those men who toy with men, or women who toy with women in roles not ordained by God in the bed or in the parenting role? Twice the eternal trouble.
      Two gay men or women may be possessed with the love that comes of evil and feel very good about their same sex feelings for one another, but when the love of God says REPENT for that kind of love is deceitful and is sin, thats when the two kinds of love show their opposing faces and collide. One is self serving, while the other is God fearing and God serving.
      Now concerning gay union. Would Jesus go and tell two gay men or women go and sin this sin all you want for I love you, SO LETS JUST ALL GET ALONG TOGETHER, and because I love you you do not have to repent of this or any sin for that matter, for all is bliss and good and this is holy what you are doing together in the bed of desire and we will eat sweet pie and ice cream together forever in yonder wonder land? No he would not say those deceptive words. The REAL JESUS of the bible (not the Gay made up Jesus) would not endorse any kind of sin EVER esp, the abominations ones. Or would Jesus say as he has ALWAYS said, REPENT, GO AND SIN NO MORE? He would definately say, God and sin no more.
      Jesus even said of the homosexual people of Sodom. He said, had they heard His Words and seen His miracles THEY WOULD HAVE REPENTED and thus been spared. But we know that they refused to repent, and for not repenting THEY WERE NOT SPARED.
      The scriptures plainly tell us that what happened to them (Sodom) was for our admonishing and warning thru out ll generations. In other words, we are not to think like they thought about doing such activity thinking (all is well and acceptable with God), and we are not to gamble as they did on such matters with God. God bore His witness against that sin, that way of life with His Own Fire. And the real truth of this matter is He Still Does.
      Who is really not loving or caring for the child. The parent or the one who says anything goes and no side effects will happen, or the parent that warns the child of the dangers of the ovens heat or the wood stoves fire? In the proverbs the Lord plainly spoke and said, He that does not warn his child of evil and he that does not chastise his child for wrong deeds HATES HIS CHILD. Love, the love of God which is the real true love warns children, alerts children, teaches them right from wrong according to Gods Word and His love and alerts them to the dangers of what GOD CALLS SIN & OF SINS CONSEQUENCES.
       This modern day juicy sweet anything goes no danger no consequences love, judge me not love slang, now quit hating on me love that the world is trying to pass on us as Gods love, all of that is a fairy tale love....IT IS DEMONIC. It is the love of evil beings trying to come across so sweet and pleasant. Satan always presents his wisdom with flattery and with a gleaming smile. The love of the do as you will spirit of the devil or the do your own thing spirit of the devil, and not Gods will be done spirit of Jesus, they oppose one another.
      In closing please listen.....The first word out of the TRUE LOVE OF GOD, out of Jesus'Own Mouth was....REPENT.....This means for all you anything goes people that God does not agree with what we are doing or the way we are living and we MUST REPENT OF THOSE THINGS...NOT CONDONE THEM in the name of love (DEMONIC LOVE). The world loves its own Jesus said and to them by their love they have their own wisdom and thought about things. But just like Jesus said, If the blind lead the blind, well they both will end up in the ditch.......share freely.