Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sodom's Deceitful Lust.......share freely......deno.

      PG 13)....In the day God rained down His judgement on Sodom (Genesis 19:1-29), God sent his holy angels into that city to save Lot and his family from the judgement ahead. Those men in that city were so fixed on their choice sin and that evil behavior that even when the holy angels showed up, they wanted their perverse way with them. Friends that is a hardened heart. They even threatened Lot with harsh merciless rape if he stood in their way.
       Seems in these last days that same unrepentant spirit that possessed those men of Sodom has surfaced again and has gotten into and taken over the heart, mind, and soul of the gay community of this generation in America and their hearts have become hardened. Seems no matter what we say, no matter what the bible or the angels say, or what God himself says, or what their actual nature tells them, these people crave this sin so much that they have grown to love darkness more than light. They actually hate the light and call those that speak Gods light  on this matter, they call them haters. They use that word in hope to stop light from being shined upon them concerning this sin they so love. Like that mad mad that was full of those demons they also cry, LEAVE US ALONE.
      Gods Real Truth and True Light convicts them. Jesus said, they hate Me because they prefer darkness more than light and because I tell them that what they are doing is wrong (John 3:19-21). Its a sin pleasure thing they don't want to give up, cut off (Matthew 18:6-9), or have taken from them. They can hide behind every kind of false humility or front they wish, but God is not a liar. If He says people are to repent of this sin just like he tells the thief and the liar and the adulterer to repent and sin no more, then even so God demands the homosexual sin to be repented of. And since God has commanded them to repent of this sin, then that demand for their repentance means they are playing with fire, playing a dangerous game and they are wrong for doing so, NOT GOD. They can make all the excuses they want but God WHO READS AND KNOWS THE HEART knows the real truth and the real reason why they do what they do and so He Says To Them, STOP THIS AND REPENT FOR YOUR SOULS SAKE. They are sinning against their own bodies, against their own nature endangering their own soul. 
        But like those legend of demons in the bible that possessed that mad man and kept him naked half the time. Those demons said, LEAVE US ALONE JESUS (Mark 1:23-24). In other words. Don't interfere with what we are doing and don't interfere with what we want to do. These demons were doing much evil to that man.
        The demons ruling people today whether from the inside out or from the outside in have gotten more clever. They call everyone that opposes their sin or perversion or wrong ways RACIST or HATERS and in using those words they seek power to continue the sin and they seek the sympathy of the human courts and to get people like Jesus and His Church to leave them alone. But the Highest Judge is not buying it. He still tells them to stop, to repent, and sin no more. Jesus loves us all enough to warn Us and to lay down his life for us. Best we hearken unto His voice and not the voice of sin and of lying spirits who roam about seeking whom they can deceive and then devour thru the use of trickery and the use of the deceitful lust (Ephesians 4:22).