Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I Write These Words Shaking..Have Mercy On Us O God......deno....share freely.

Share Freely....God have mercy on our President, upon us and our children, and upon our Nation. Surely all of us have sinned. Some of us more than others, but one sin the bible says makes you guilty of all, so God saying those words has put us all in the same boat with the same calling to repent and to believe His Son and not to promote sin. To repent we all must do. But God gives us all His clear warnings if we refuse to repent and if we condone and promote sin. Repentance is of God. Promoting and condoning sin is of the devil. Having said that read the following.....

.......This President and the Supreme Court has disgraced God and the HOLINESS OF GOD. They have together disgraced and mocked our Savior Jesus Christ, our Christian history and heritage, and Americas biblical foundations. Seems he is on a mission to offend God and all he can in his final hours as the President and to turn Americas traditional glory and strengths into shame and weakness (Some of that MYSTERIOUS CHANGE he used to wrap about).
...... His main mission is and has been to change seasons, times, and tradition in our country. To plow up traditional America and to re plant into our soil his Communist plus ungodly, anti traditional America change thru stealth, the back door tactics, and thru right in your face Supreme Court Un-Constitutional votes. 
........He knew if he and his obaminating obaminators could get the Supreme Court to approve this biblical ABOMINATION and the people sit back and take it, this would be the tell tell sign to him and to the United Nations who want a One World Governing Power that We The People of America are in spirit weakening and have lost our real fortitude to fight. That all we are is a whole lot of bark now days with no real bite. Very few give me this liberty, give me my freedom or give me death spirited people left in the land of the brave.Therefore, seeing this passion weakness they see the harvest is right for the compromise and plucking of the Constitution and for the upending of biblical convictions by means of Anti God Anti Bible laws to be passed thru legislation. ITS ALL HAPPENING RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY SEDATED EYES.
......... They have their people in the power seats and positions now, along with the political wolves in sheep's clothing compromisers in place to now sway the votes to swing the nation to their ungodly swinging way to bring that fore told mysterious change to America one so much preached 6 years ago. America seems to be really becoming that Obamination.
......... We have a majority Republican Congress and they themselves are letting all this un Constitutional activity happen and to slip slide away without a real blood, sweat, and tears fight in the political trenches.. Oh they bark, but they don't bite. Their teeth are to sparkling polished with gleam and their finger nails to manicured for such a fight and for such a stand for God and for the majority of we the people for which they are elected to vote for and represent. Plus God sees their purses and their pockets are padded with thirty pieces of silver against God and the nation. They seem to only bark just enough now and then to make us think they are striving to do something for us but everything still keeps going the lefts ungodly communist agenda way no matter the cry of the major majority of the American people.
........ This tell tell of the people of Americas weak soft bark but no bite response about all this change is opening the way for the change the elected preached to come to our nation. Plus it shows that the former In God We Trust Nation is in question and is no longer deeply committed to the real honor of God and His values. After all they let this abomination get through without any serious contesting.
....... They all know that the Supreme Court has not the Constitutional authority to change the definition of marriage by the yes vote of just 5 people but they let them get way with it anyway. Yes they honor God with their lips to bluff but their hearts are far from him. They turn the cheek on matters they are supposed to fight to uphold. About all they do is talk and that has become like the spitting in a fan posing no serious threat or danger to no one, not even to flees. So the wild dogs full of flees continue to get away with the ripping up of the biblical foundations of our nation and the bypassing of the Constitution of our nation all at the same time....And what does America do? We order another round and hold our breath to keep in another toke. Seems we are to drunk to high to really care about the real important issues anymore. The heaven or hell issue.
........But Mr. President, all of you elected representatives, and this so called Supreme Court, God wants you to be reminded of something VERY IMPORTANT. As you celebrate your promotion of this defiance, this sin and give it your thumbs up and give it your open stamp of approval before God and to America and to all the world, as you celebrate your promotion of this abomination that will effect this nations health and wealth and our children's minds and souls for generations to come with your rainbow colored white house to shame God and the Christians and the bible, WE REMIND YOU OF THESE WORDS OF JESUS WHO IS PERFECT LOVE BUT WHO IS ALSO HOLY (which many forget) that you said was your Boss and swore on His Bible unto. Listen to His Holy side and warning to you and to all.
.......... You misread and misunderstood the Truth. The true King loves His children as to sacrifice himself and to shed his own redeeming blood to save them from their sin but He has a Strong Strong Rebuking Word of His Anger against men and women who encourage, promote, tempt, approve of, VOTE FOR and cause people to sin, to do wrong. With this in mind Mr. President, how do you suppose the Lord feels about the man of  sin of this hour who before America, before all the world, before the Throne of God says, promotes, encourages, tempts, gives his thumbs up to, and teaches others to commit the sin God called the abomination and also as the same man calls those that stand up for God on this matter, HATERS? Well Mr. President here below are His Words for men and for women and for the confused who promote, condone, encourage, approve, tempt, give their thumbs up to, and cause others to sin, esp. the ABOMINATION SINS..
.........Matthew 18:6-7) Jesus Said....Woe (How terrible it shall be) to those who promote, condone, give a thumbs up to, cause others to sin...Whoever causes one of these little ones to sin, it would have been better for him or them to have a millstone hung around their neck, and were drowned in the depth of the sea than to face God in the day of their judgement. 7) Woe to the world that promotes and tempts others to sin. For promotions and temptations to sin will happen, BUT HOW TERRIBLE IT WILL BE FOR THE MAN WHO PROMOTES, TEMPTS AND CAUSES PEOPLE TO SIN......And Jesus also preached, If the blind lead the blind both will end up in the ditch.....And this is your desired Legacy?....Open and public repentance is the only way out of this snare upon the soul....Lord Have Mercy.

P.S. Had the president of Israel King David had his courts re-write Gods Book to make adultery no sin but legal for all of Israel after he had committed that sin for his own good pleasure, a curse like no other from God would have blasted the land king David reigned over....God please in Jesus Name have mercy...Forgive us Lord....We have become a wicked nation. Turn our hearts back to you. Pour out upon us the spirit of grace and of repentance. Burn our hearts with your holy fire that mends and heals and makes us sound and whole again. Bring our hearts affections back to you Jesus. Have mercy Lord. Have mercy.