Saturday, June 27, 2015

Paul's Persecution Response Must Become Ours....Become More Fearless and Even More Bolder......deno.l.....share freely.

       I sure like this. I was reading in the book of Thessalonians and came across this scripture. Paul and his team had been suffering persecution and contempt for the gospel. People were criticizing them for preaching and standing up for the faith of Jesus Christ and the ways of God. It was rough and challenging to them. Watch what this scripture reveals of how they handled all that opposition and what their response was to it.
      1 Thess 2:2) But even AFTER that we had SUFFERED before and were spitefully and shamefully treated by those that opposed the Lord and his gospel at Philippi,..even AFTER all of that WE STILL were BOLD in our God to speak to you the gospel despite the contention and opposition of His enemies.....Church we must have the same attitude no matter what the enemies of Christ do.......deno.