Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hell Is A Terrible Unforgiving Place of no Mercy......share freely......deno.

         Someone said to me. Deno aren't you afraid to write such words, after all they could come at you.....Friends yes i write such given words very concerned, TREMBLING. But its not about me but to strive to now obey the Spirit of the Lord and to save a President and a people from their strong delusion. We've all had them.
         The only way a man of his authority and power and those of the S.C. could make this same sex marriage ruling to over throw Gods Words and Command about this sin and sleep at night is they have entered deeper deception. Their hearts have become more bewitched and even more hardened, and they have lost the fear of God and of his judgement from their eyes.....Shall dust defy the living God. Shouldn't we all repent instead and plead for mercy in the land of the living while we still can?
          Hell is a terrible place our dad preached through out his days on earth. He would say, please don't go to the devils hell. It's sorrows and sufferings have no end, no mercy, not the smallest drop of comfort. They toss, they grind and gnash their teeth. They cry cries humans ears on earth have never heard.. For when all hope is gone, the cries of that hopeless soul cannot be matched in sound and in agony to any cries in the land of the living. Oh what does it profit a man to gain the world by pleasing people, but defy God, and lose his soul to hell for it forever?
         I'm amongst the chiefest of sinners but still my heart cries for others that they might do what I had to do. Call upon the name of the Lord and cry have mercy upon me Jesus. I had to Fight the forces warring against me and against my mind. Die daily. Repent of a whole lot of sin and wrong, the wicked spirits don't want to let go. Sober up and come back home to God, to the words of my upbringing.
         When I came back home, to my amazement the Father engulfed me in His Love rich in mercy.. The Lord put His own Sword in my hand. His voice says, Love with compassion. Write with conviction. Plead as for your children. You understand weakness, you understand My Strength. The Sword is rising to your mouth.
         I've sinned with the best of them of our generation. But since God forgave me and welcomed me back home with a most beautiful smile I know He wants to forgive all, save all. No matter how ugly our sins or our past. No matter how embarrassing the sin. No matter the shame. Gods love for you is so great that Jesus says to us all, Come Back Home..The past doesn't matter....The coming of the Lord draws near.....deno.