Sunday, June 28, 2015

When they took Jesus to court, the Word of God went on trial......deno......share freely.

      The unbelievers took Jesus to court to silence him and to keep their right to live in their darkness, to live in their fantasies about life & evolution, to live in the sin of their choice and as they chose without Gods Sons say so. They were even willing to grab some nails and hammers and a cross in their agitations to silence the light they hated and that convicted them. THEY DID NOT LIKE HEARING THE WORDS REPENT AND BELIEVE THE GOOD NEWS. THOSE WORDS THEY CHARGED WITH THE DISTURBANCE OF THEIR PEACE so they arrested Him who preached them.
      The Jesus haters, they came together, became united in purpose and formed the society called, The Enemies of the Son of God. They crucified the Lord of glory. The Word of God went on trial that day, and they nailed Him to the Cross saying AWAY WITH HIM who is called THE WORD OF GOD. 
      What are we believers willing to do for the good cause of Christ. We must take up that same cross today that they nailed our Lord and Savior to no matter the cost, and carry it like never before.
       Church, what a time to shine in America, in England, in Europe, and all around the world. Those in our generation that are sitting in darkness right now,  have the need to see Christ great love, hear His saving truth and marvelous light....For our children's sake let us SHINE. Amen....deno.