Sunday, June 28, 2015

You Have The Right To Remain Silent Jesus......share freely......deno.

......It is starting to feel more like this in our nation. Church we must turn it all back around in Jesus Name.

......You Have The Right To Remain Silent Jesus. Anything You Say or Have Said Can or Shall Be Used Against You In Americas New Supreme Court of Law. This is the devils country now and what the prince of darkness wants, the prince of darkness gets. We have taken over your nation. We will rip off your bands and cords off this nation and its children (Read Psalms 2). We will make two fold a child of the devil out of every family. We Satanist, Atheist, and Humanist are in power now. We own all the battle fields of Americas Courts, and Television Shows, and the Media. With our music, our television shows, with our Movies, and our control now over what is taught in Americas schools, Jesus we are going to kick you completely out of this nation and replace you with the lies and the love of sweet evil.
      Friends, these glaring words are not at all far from the truth of what is and has happened to America thru its on falling away, thru its children's embrace of the things of darkness and to the pleasures of sin and rebellion. They are crucifying the Lord afresh thru their new found doubt and unbelief and thru their hate of him for the fear of the Lord is absent from their eyes.....Woe to them saith the Holy Ghost. It had been better for them had they never known the Lord and his gospel than to do what they are doing on purpose in defiance of His glory and name..God is calling us all to pray that pray and to repent who must repent....share freely.