Sunday, June 28, 2015

This Is Not Hate Speech. God Is Addressing The Gay SIn.......deno.....share freely.

       I keep hearing the gays calling Christians haters for not agreeing with their life style and then they try to preach to the Christians saying God says for us to love and not to hate. Dear God we are not hating them for telling them to repent of that life style but loving them. It is the devils crowd thru Satans subtle play and twist on the love word that is leading them into damnation not us. God loves us enough to tell us all of the dangers of sin. Satan so hates us that like he told Eve, he will trick us, LIE TO US, and try to deceive us to think in our minds that there is no danger at all to sin. 
      Well the gay children just like Adam and Eve, he has deceived them in their minds to do this perversion and call it clean thinking it has no dirt or any negative consequences. Like Eve they will discover the hard way how they were lied to. And like Satan, they will find out that God does draw the line on some things and in His Word this kind of sin He made it clear that He has drawn the line on. PLEASE AGREE WITH GOD BEFORE THE COURT DATE OF HIS JUDGEMENT. For since just calling another person a fool or an idiot thru a belittling spirit carries with the judgement weight that puts a mans soul in danger of hells fire, how much more they of the abomination sins that do them, condone them, promote them and say we repent not. Their own unrepentant hearts and their own tongue shall snare them AWAY FROM MERCY.
      Satan and his crowd always tempts, always promotes evil and sin, they always condone sin and make sin seem all pleasurable and without side effects. We are trying to warn them and to save them from a terrible place and from everlasting sorrow in perdition.....There is a hell to shun and there is a heaven to gain. What ever your or my sin may be, let us all REPENT and lean on the mercy of God In Christ Jesus by faith forevermore......Amen....... Lord Have Mercy.

P.S. Since Jesus told the woman who was caught in adultery, in the very act, Woman where are your accusers? Has anyone condemned you? She looking at all those men that had just dropped their stones, she said, No Lord, no one has condemned me. Jesus said, neither do I condemn you, go and sin this sin all you want. Go and have sex with as many men or women you desire.  No Jesus did not tell her that. That would be to God REAL HATE SPEECH. That would be to God words from one who DOES NOT LOVE THE WOMAN OR HER SOUL, but loves only lust gratification, the scratching of the deceitful lust itch.  Because Jesus really loved her and her soul, He did say, GO AND SIN NO MORE.
.......In his love for her he was looking out for her souls best interest and said, GO and SIN NO MORE. He saved her from the wrath and stones of men with wise counsel and wise words. Now to save her soul from the wrath of God in an upcoming day of judgement that he certainly knew all about, Jesus loved her said and gave her these wise word for her safe keeping, Go and sin no more. Adultery can be and is a soul destroyer if we do not repent of it, stop doing it. How much more the sin God called perversion from deceitful lust?