Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Holy Spirit is the Difference Maker. God, who is Love Himself, wants us to receive all He has given us in Christ Jesus. The Infilling of the Lovely Holy Spirit is certainly a gift poured out by Jesus Christ that God wants us to be filled with and to daily drink from (Living Water)....deno.......share freely.

       Jesus said to the disciples, Do not go preaching the good news until you are endued with My Power from on High. This spake our Lord of the Holy Spirit. The prophet wrote by the hand of the Lord upon him, He wrote, Not by human power,  nor by the might of men, BUT BY MY SPIRIT, saith the Lord.
       The Holy Spirit, the Anointing, the Power of the Spirit of the Lord is the difference maker.
       You know the disciples, being free willed creatures in Christ just like Adam & Eve were and just as Adam and Eve did, they could have chosen to not obey the Lord and not wait on the Lord, to not wait for the Holy Spirit. They could have gone forth preaching in their own power, talents, zeal, and human might but they would have gone forth with much less spiritual spunk and power than what by Jesus Christ is available. They would have been out there AHEAD OF THE LORD instead of FOLLOWING Him. Not Gods best position for us.
        Sort of like Moses striking that rock instead of FOLLOWING GODS ORDERS. God told Moses go and speak to the rock and the waters will flow.  Moses along the way, having also his own free will, he got mad at the stubbornness of the people of Israel and he struck the rock in his humanity (anger) with his staff instead of speaking to it. It cost him an entrance into the earthly promise and blessing God wanted Moses to have and enjoy with the people of Israel in the earthly promise land that flowed with milk and honey.  Disobedience Robs.
         God prefers saving people by the preaching/speaking of the gospel and goodness of God thru Jesus Christ to even the stoniest of hearts, than to beat the people into entering His Living Waters with wrath upon wrath. It is a comparison of faith verses works. Grace verse Law. The word of faith verses the whip of the Rod called the Law. Mercy verses the stone.
        Friend you, me and all the church need the Holy Spirit in the preaching of the gospel than human talents. We know non called nor anointed wolves have actually preached the gospel and have gathered crowds unto them only to later find out they were wolves in sheep's clothing (Jim Jones and others). The Holy Ghost and the love of God was not in them at all, but they startled people with their ability to listen to real preachers, preach those sermons and mimic the style of the truly called and the truly anointed.
        Let us be true to God and grow  and increase in the grace and knowledge of our risen Lord Jesus Christ. He said do not go until you are filled the Holy Ghost and Power. He is the difference maker.
       We want need all those emotional songs when the Holy Ghost is in manifestation. Paul, Peter, James, Phillip, Stephen, John nor any of the early disciples, preachers, evangelist did not need emotional songs to move people to God and to faith and entrance into the kingdom. The Holy Ghost and His power was their difference maker. Now do not take this wrong. Like many of you I to enjoy praise and worship and loving Jesus songs and music. But we need more than that the power of God which the first church had at work in them IN US. Jesus even said so. He the Holy Ghost is the difference maker. People get all emotional and rain down tears listening to secular emotion stirrings songs to. We need Gods power from on High. 
         Friends, church, God help us. It is late in the game. We are in the fourth and final quarter. It is time to get real with God. For what is ahead and for what we shall face from the enemies of the Cross. It will take more than emotional boo hooing songs to withstand in the evil day. Now music has its place, but the Holy Ghost is the power and the glory of the true difference. Always has been and ever shall be.
        It is time to seek God with our all and be filled with the Holy Ghost. Have you received the Holy Spirit since you believed?  The first disciples asked that same question as well. They knew from Jesus its great importance and need. They knew from their own personal experience what it was like for the Lord to be WITH THEM (which is good) and they knew what it was like having the same Lord INSIDE THEM (which was FAR BETTER (see John 14:15-17)..Big Difference they learned.
      Father in Jesus name fill us with the Holy Spirit, with His Love and Fire  and Power of God and make in us to this generation the Big Difference by the effective workings of the Power of the Spirit of the Lord that the name of Jesus Christ and his gospel by glorified beyond all yesterdays grace history. Let Christ love and light shine and rule. Amen.......deno.....share freely.