Monday, July 27, 2015

The Peace Offerings Great Peace For Us.......deno......share freely.

       In the old covenant a trembling fear of God was often the atmosphere. The true heart of God had not yet been unveiled, but was steal hidden in God behind the curtain in a mystery. The great PEACE OFFERING of the Christ had not been sacrificed yet. The high priest once a year in those fear filled days tip toed with fear into Gods presence behind that veil of the curtain, for he knew if he did not enter behind that thick curtain exactly according to the laws demand, Gods power or His guardian angels would strike him down dead and the other ministers would have to drag his dead body out from behind the holy of holies veil. And he definitely would not enter without the sacrificial blood to place upon the mercy seat. Not that God Himself needed to be purified, but the throne was going to someday supply the blood of the final sacrifice. Israels eyes were dim to this mystery. Certainly that blood upon that mercy seat preached and its mystery was Christ sent from the throne of God who would shed his blood for the sin of all the world. But until Christ came their was still that fear. The tip toe days still abounded. Law ruled. Grace was still awaiting its day view.
        But now in Christ Jesus grace has come, grace has had its day view and we are in those days (John 1:16). We clearly see a differing story in the New Covenant. We see and know that the peace offering has been sacrifice. Christ, Gods Son has been slain. He died for our sins and rose again for our justification and to obtain for us ETERNAL PEACE WITH GOD. Jesus the Passover Lamb has been slain so making peace, and His blood and sacrifice has delivered us from fear, from the wrath to come and his great sacrifice PREACHES CONSTANT ENDLESS GOOD THINGS of PEACE in new covenant better form, better than the old. 
      In the old covenant let us recall that only Moses was allowed on the mount. The rest were told do not even touch the mount or they would perish. This signified also that the way to the holiest of all was not yet made for all. The whole mountain represented the holy of holies section of the tabernacle/temple. One priest (Moses) was allowed in the presence of God. But one day the way would be made for all to come and to climb the mount, even to its top, even into the baptism of the Holy Ghost and His sanctifying fire whose fire made all of Israel tremble with fear when Gods power shook the mountain top. They needed peace with Jehovah as we did and that peace would come in the dispensation of its prepared time by the up and coming one that Moses by the Spirit of prophecy preached and in Shadow form represented.
         Now that dispensation has come. Christ has already come in the flesh. He has already shed his redeeming blood for his people and for the sins of all the nations. His own blood, the blood of Immanuel Himself now is on the MERCY SEAT. Now in these last days thru the peace offering of Jesus Christ Gods Son God Himself has preached a sermon to us. God's New Covenant Sermon is this, Now thru faith in My Sons blood come BOLDLY into My presence. The tip toe days are behind us. The curtain is torn in twain. The dividing wall of partition My Son has abolished and removed. So now in the new and living way by access with confidence in My Sons Blood, COME BOLDLY, CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN unto the Throne of Grace into the presence of God and obtain help and obtain what you need from His provisions and providing hands.
       Love is talking. Love is calling. Love Himself is preaching all this light. Love is doing the inviting us ALL into His own presence by boldness thru the peace power of his Sons blood and says be bold about it. Be bold in your entering. Such words from God was UNHEARD of in the old way, in the old covenant. But in the new IT IS THE ESTABLISHED WAY. Anything other than this boldness, this bold entering by the blood of Christ is a dishonor to Gods Sons Great Sacrifice. The dull of hearing and the dimmed eyes still tip toe, even though the Holy Ghost shouts ENTER BOLDLY by Immanuels Blood. (Hebrews 10:7-23).
       But now, now In Christ Jesus the bold way has come. The peace is real and it is established. The peace is deep and far reaching for all, YES FOR EVERYONE even to the climbing to the top of spiritual mount Sinai, the throne of Gods presence in Heaven itself where Jesus our forerunner has risen unto himself for the benefit and glory of all them that believe. 
        The peace we have now thru Christ blood is by no means shallow nor weak. Immanuel tasted death for every man. Gods death as a man, as the man Christ Jesus is the most Powerful redeeming work of God and that God could ever possibly do. His cross was the altar for the peace offering and his own flesh and blood the sacrifice. 
       The peace offering of the Passover Lamb, that Lamb could by no means escape the Cross, nor go around it, nor side step it. It's cup the Lamb had to drink and drink all of it. The Cross of Christ was the way and the Power of God for peace with God and for salvation. Yes the Passover Lamb could not by no means escape the Cross. Neither will God allow any of us or any man to side step it. The Cross of Christ is the way. From there, we by faith become one with CHRIST JESUS and in Him we travel together WITH CHRIST from the Cross to the Throne boldly, for great is its power to present each of us cleansed and sanctified unto God and accepted in the beloved and His great congregation of the redeemed.
        Boldness in this matter comes from our faith and total confidence in Christ blood and sacrifice offering and it also comes THRU SEEING WITH OUR HEARTS GOD'S GREAT LOVE FOR US revealed thru the giving of His Son for our peace offering.
        Jesus fully understands the peace accomplished for us by the sacrifice of Himself. It is a sitting with God measure of peace even upon the mercy seat with God. He (Jesus) is seated down in the Throne of the holiest and that sitting with God in the Mercy Seat is the new place of the fellowship with the Father, no more a place of fear but of Peace in Love thru peace offering of Christ. Now Jesus and His Body is One with the Father in Spirit and in all things where others before him could not even touch the carnal mount or they died. 
       Yes Jesus is SEATED with the Father and he understand fully the full measure of the peace AS HE WALKS AND SITS IN THE LIGHT OF IT, in the Throne with God His Father. As in all that Jesus went thru from the Cross to the Throne, all of it was accomplished FOR US AND BENEFITS US ALL, NO LESS THAN IT DID HIM. Jesus has always had endless peace with God the Father. He has been seated in throne of God for eternities. We are the ones that needed peace with God established. And where we see THE MAN CHRIST JESUS at the right hand of the Father is the reaching measure of the peace His Blood obtained for us as the sons of Gods in Christ. The first Adam took the world to death, hell and grave, but the second Adam puts man back in peace with God face to face, and in the redemption mix of the Holy Spirit in our spirit measure unto eternal life in heavens glory with Jesus our forerunner at our Fathers throne....Come Boldly unto....
       Those who do not understand what Jesus understands about his great sacrifice, they in their minds and understanding have not sat down yet with Jesus in His rest, Comforts, and consolations at the right hand of God in the heavenly place (Ephesians 2:1-10), but are worry warts tossed this way and that way (Ephesians 4:10-16) and they are not sure one day to the next if their in the light or not in the light. If they have peace with God or have no peace with God. They are not sure one day to the next if they are saved or not saved. For their personal sight of the strength and peace power of the Greatest Peace Offering ever Sacrifice is filled with enemy smoke. But as we clearly see Jesus Christ and Him crucified for us, we must by the Vision of the Spirit of the Lord, see Jesus NOW SEATED FOR US at the Fathers right hand in the Throne of the glory of God FOR US. For as Jesus Christ and Him Crucified is the Power of God unto salvation, evenso Jesus seated at the right hand of God as a MAN is Gods way of showing us just how POWERFUL JESUS' PEACE OFFERING SACRIFICE WAS IN ITS OBTAINING. Jesus being filled with God in the Throne is like you and I being filled with the SAME GODS HOLY SPIRIT ON THE DAY OF PENTECOST in the upper room. Both entrances were wrought by the same Power and Peace, Jesus Christ blood and sacrifice. Christ ascension up into the throne of God and the HOLY GHOST descending down from the throne into the hearts of the redeemed all happened by ONE POWERFUL PEACE ESTABLISHING OFFERING, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.
       Friends Listen Listen Listen. This is God given revelation light. He has given us eyes TO SEE and ears to hear....Being IN CHRIST JESUS as Paul preached and preached and preached MEANS THAT WE ARE IN, IN, IN, INSIDE THE ONE WHO IS SEATED WITH THE FATHER IN THE THRONE OF GOD. We have ENTERED INTO CHRIST. By faith in his blood, death, and resurrection we have entered into the AUDITORIUM OF HIS BODY and we have found and taken OUR SEAT in that great Ark Auditorium, the auditorium of HIS RISEN BODY where in we sit with Christ in God in the covenant of endless peace. (Colossians 1:4 & Isaiah 54:5-10).
       Friends there exist no greater peace with God that is, or that can be expressed above being seated with Him (Jesus) in HIS HOLY AND MAGNIFICENT THRONE. Church, We are IN CHRIST JESUS. We are INSIDE the very one seated with the Father in the Throne of God. We are IN CHRIST JESUS the true Ark of our eternal refuge and that Ark has landed and docked and it has landed and docked in the throne of God with the Father. All this was Gods doings, Loves own doing, and it is marvelous in the eyes of THOSE THAT SEE.
       Friends Jesus is the difference maker. If your still terrified about God then in your understanding Gods love revealed in Christ Jesus is less magnified and the old testament tormenting fear is still dominating you. In your redemption understanding the veil is somewhat still up. That dividing curtain has not yet been torn into or it is just halfway ripped. Your understanding of what Jesus accomplished thru the blood of His Cross is in the dark. You need your eyes further opened to the knowledge of God in Christ Jesus about the PEACE OFFERING of His Sons sacrifice. Christ died not in vain but died to have a glorious life more abundantly effect upon us all thru faith in the power of God in the Cross of Christ. Jesus and His Blood is our salvation. Jesus and His Blood is our eternal redemption. Jesus and His Blood and the sacrifice of himself is our constant unchanging peace with God....Amen.....Scroll Down.

Below Read the Peace Offerings Covenant Promise.
Isaiah 54:7-10New King James Version (NKJV)

7 “For a brief  moment in time I have forsaken you,
But with GREAT MERCIES I will gather you.
8 With a little wrath I hid My face from you for a moment;
But with EVERLASTING KINDNESS I will have mercy on you,”
Says the Lord, your REDEEMER (Jesus).
9 “For this is like the waters of Noah to Me (In My Oath Swearings and the Keeping of My Words)
For as I have Sworn
That the waters of Noah would no longer cover the earth,
SO HAVE I SWORN (Well, what did our Redeemer Swear to Us?) I HAVE SWORN
That I would not be angry with you, nor rebuke you.
10 For the mountains shall depart
And the hills be removed,
But My kindness shall not depart from you,
Nor shall My covenant of peace be removed,”

SWEARS the Lord, who has mercy on you.
.....deno......share freely.