Thursday, July 30, 2015

They That Sat In Darkness Saw Great Light.......deno......share freely.

         Before the Greatest revival and visitation came from God to Israel thru Jesus Christ His Son, Israel had 400 years of silence from heaven and their nation was deep in darkness and despair.  It was spiritually dry in the land that was meant to be flowing with Gods presence and best, and with His manifold unmatchable blessings of milk and honey. But their sins instead had caused them and the well of their blessings to become dry as the desert. Plus they had been invaded by foreigners. Rome ruled over the apple of heavens eyes. Their sins were that grave separating them from God and from the bestowing of his favors as mentioned in Deuteronomy 28:1-14.
        Sin was every where in the land of David accompanied by much confusion. The blind were leading the blind and the enemies of God (Rome) were speaking loudly against the God of Israel with all their idolatry and over ruling law. Then suddenly, suddenly in the midst of all that worldly deceiving noise of Rome and in the midst of tremendous abounding sin and in the midst of all those 400 years of heavenly silence, in the midst of all that darkness, despair, and confusion with the strong arm of Rome calling the political shots in the land,  a voice was suddenly heard crying in that wilderness saying, Behold  the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world. They that sat in darkness suddenly saw GREAT LIGHT, even the light of the the light of life, the Light of the Son of God Jesus Christ . The Lord of heaven had become flesh, Anointed Flesh that heals, mends, saves, forgives, makes rich, restores and reconciles. He opened the eyes of the blind and set at liberty those whom Satan had bound. Suddenly upon the desert places in Israel, Jesus the Lord from heaven was walking among His people face to face. God had become a man.
        It may be dark in our land today but always remember this. Though darkness can be so great in this world EVEN SO GREAT LIGHT IN THOSE OF THE LORD. Seek and You shall find. Ask and you shall possess. Jesus Christ is Lord. Do not go and seek another.....deno.......share freely.