Monday, July 27, 2015

God Swore In His Love the Bread for His Children.....deno.......share freely

        The world needs to be concerned about what God has sworn in His wrath. For them that should be a major concern for sure, for such light pertains to eternal and everlasting matters. For surely there is a glorious  heaven to gain and a terrible hell to shun. 
       But you and I that are In Christ Jesus, we are partakers of the love of Christ and are bodily members of Christ risen state and bodily members in the spirit of His presently SEATED POSITION. His peace is our peace. My peace I give you Jesus said.
       No greater peace with God can ever be so demonstrated above being SEATED with God in the Throne of His glory in the heavenly places. That is the highest peace with God possible on the peace measuring scale and brethren that is the peace with God Jesus gave us. (He gave us His own peace with the Father). See Ephesians 2:1-10 and  (Ephesians 2:11-18).
       In this whole matter I give you this revelation; Christ is our head in this matter, and we are His flesh and bone in the same togetherness. We that believe and belong to Christ, we cannot be separated from him even as He can no longer be separated ever again form his resurrected flesh and bone risen body. We cannot be separated from Jesus not at the Cross (Paul said I have been crucified with Christ), nor in the resurrection (Paul said I am risen with Christ). Neither can we be separated from being risen with Christ into the heavenly places of His glory. And we cannot be separated from being seated with Him for we are His own flesh and bone body. (See Ephesians 2:1-10). ON earth Jesus is IN US and in heaven we are IN HIM.
       Our oneness with Jesus in the Body of Christ connection is fact and in the spirit, (that is in our spirit) is found all the markings of the full complete passage and pass from death unto life risen with Christ realities. It is an heavenly thing as Jesus preached in John 3. When you grasp the redeeming HEAVENLY light that is shining from the It Is Written that is gleaming from in all these words, you will have more spiritual (position) understanding obtained than what most of the church has had for centuries. Jesus shared with me some time ago and said, Trace My Body from the Cross to the Throne and you will see where you are at in the spirit. My bodies adventures from the Cross to the Throne is your spirits right now same adventures from death unto eternal life everlasting. I called it Being Born Again. (John 5:24 is the the new birth of the spirit not of the flesh.)
         When Jesus is your peace with God and HE IS, and remember everything about Jesus is PERFECT (Ephesians 2:14 & Romans 5:1), then you have PERFECT COVENANT PEACE with God. 
         We have so great a peace with God which is Jesus himself, that the Holy Sinless Spirit,  God has poured out and shed abroad in our hearts. He that men feared in the old covenant behind the holy of holies and that tip toed into his present and were scared they would be struck down by protecting angels if they entered unlawfully, the same Holy God that they feared, because of the peace Jesus purchased for us with God and for God with us thru the blood of His Cross, that same Holy God on the day of Pentecost came RUNNING and RUSHING towards the children of the new covenant, and He came to them pouring Himself MIGHTILY into their hearts, into the hearts of the believers who were justified by faith in Christ blood. None of them dropped dead. None of them got sick. None of them were stricken with fear, or put in some sort of spiritual bondage but they were all filled with the Holy Ghost Joy, Strength, and Power and they were hilariously happy during to the infilling. They were so hilariously happy that local people accused them of being HIGH or drunk with some sort of new wine. Today we would probably say new drug. Well they were happy and they were filled with gladness and it was a Fine Wine that they were Partaking of. It was heavens Finest Wine called the Holy Ghost, the divine delicious Joy of the Lord. The scriptures says that IN GODS PRESENCE is fullness of Joy. Well on the day of Pentecost, the first church was SURELY in the presence of God as He out-poured  His Spirit into them IN HIS LOVING PROMISE (Swearing) to do so.
        Also concerning our great peace with God and salvation, the bible says that Jesus has delivered us from the wrath of God (1 Thess 1:10) and the bible even calls us in the spirit ALREADY DELIVERED from the power of darkness and ALREADY TRANSLATED into the kingdom of Jesus Christ in the spirit (Colossians 1:12-14 & John 5:24). None of this deliverance from and none of this translated into could have occurred if we did not have perfect peace with God to allow it.
        None of these good things mentioned above could be true concerning us if we had no peace with God. But being that the Holiest, the eternal sinless Spirit of the living God has been poured into our hearts, that gift itself thunders loudly in a living sermon and in a living speech how great peace we have with God if your eyes really see that message.
        Yes the world should be seriously concerned about what God has sworn in His wrath, but you and I in Christ Jesus God has called us TO PEACE. We who are In Christ are the children of the covenant of Everlasting Peace by the peace we have with God thru the blood  of His Own Cross ( Isaiah 54:7-10 & Hebrews 13:20-21 & 2 Thess 3:16).
........We in Christ Jesus should feast with joy upon all this bread, as we surely know and confidently believe in the love God has for us. We should feast off of all God has SWORN to us IN HIS LOVE, not what he has sworn in his wrath (See and read Isaiah 54:8-10). The wrath of God bread does not belong to the children. Our Bread is what God has Sworn to us in His Love for us in Honor of His Sons peace offering sacrifice.
      In Christ Jesus we are not the children of the wrath of God but the heirs of so great a salvation and the children of the New Covenant of everlasting life and peace with God. Some people think and preach as if Christ has not been to the Cross, that there is no peace nor goodwill between God and man. Some people think and preach as if the great PEACE OFFERING has not yet occurred. Yet friends "The day of Pentecost"surely preaches loud and clearly that the PEACE OFFERING has already taken place and when that days infilling events are really understood, you know then that there is a Great New Covenant of Peace we have with God thru Christ and His Blood that speaks Peace and Goodwill from God to men by Jesus Christ.
       Church, brethren.... In the great peace we now have with God, Jesus sat down with God in the highest heaven and on the day of Pentecost God the Highest came down from heaven to earth and Sat Down with us inside these New Temples of the living Gods Spirit Indwelling. The Same Exact Peace caused both SITTING EVENTS and in both events all was good and happy events. 
         I remember some time ago saying to the Lord, Lord as you talk to me in this Peace Light I NOTICED SOMETHING. What was that you noticed, he whispered.  I said well I noticed on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit of the holiest of all came to the believers, the church, I noticed that He did not hesitate at all in His entering them. The Lord said, that is right, for son in the wisdom of God in redemption glory I was landing upon and entering into the same flesh that I entered at the Jordan River. I thought on that for a moment. Hmmm, same flesh, same body, one body..... THEN I SAW IT. THE BODY OF CHRIST IS HIS (Jesus') FLESH AND BONE. Jesus said that there is only ONE BODY, the Body of Christ flesh and bone which is the church, the fulness of Him that filleth all in all. He hesitated not because He was coming upon and entering into the same flesh of the same ONE BODY of the Son of God whose body is made up of MANY MEMBERS who all together as One are His Flesh and His Bone and not their own..We have been ENGRAFTED into Jesus' EVERYTHING.
        Yes you can study the wrath of God and such a study has its place, but way more so the children of the covenant of endless peace should study- of the things God has SWORN to us in His Love. Those precious good things should be our continuous DAILY BREAD.
       There is a BREAD that belongs to the children of peace that the children of wrath have no right to feast upon. It is the children's Bread that Jesus said belongs not to the world, but to the sons and daughters of God In Christ. It is the Bread of all that God has SWORN to us IN HIS LOVE in the covenant of peace thru faith in the PEACE OFFERING of Christ atoning blood. God himself has prepared all this bread of His lovingkindness  for us and has set all that good and delicious bread on the table that He has set before us even in the presence of our enemies. His enemies have no right to this bread, IT IS THE CHILDRENS BREAD.....Amen....Jesus & deno.