Thursday, July 30, 2015

Give Me Your Hearts Saith the Lord..... My Words Will Burn Like Fire........deno......share freely.

         Give God Your Heart Is The Message. Bring forth fruits that show forth faith, devotion, commitment, and true repentance. I'm tired of lip service saith the Lord. I join My Hand to those who walk with meaningfulness, not with those of the vanity of words that have not their heart in them. Idol chatter, empty words are the words of devils that say and do not. They are liars each and every one of them. Be not like them saith the Lord. Be full of the fire of My Spirits love and holy convictions.
        Do as I say and pour your heart out upon doing My Words and you shall reap Me pouring out My Spirit upon what you say unto Me. I stretch out My Hand each day to a people ordering Me around.  They call upon My Name in times of trouble but they are addicted to themselves and chained to their own will. Their own will they do. Fulfilling their own agendas is their task for the day. My truth burns hot.
       Obey and Abide in My words first saith the Lord and the Lord will abide in yours second. To many of you have authority out of proper place. But surrender your hearts unto the Lord. A surrendered heart is greater than all the sacrifices under the old. 
       Behold, The Lord your Rock is risen from the dead. Serve Him first and foremost and so shall you reap His power as your servant. The good Shepherd leads the sheep and the sheep that really hear His voice FOLLOW HIM. 
      Many of you wonder and say, where is the Lord?  Your reaping My wonder about you for years. Stir up your hearts and return unto Me. I have told you from the beginning draw near unto Me and I will draw nigh unto you. Seek me with ALL YOUR HEART AND YOU WILL FIND ME. One hand on the plow while the other is reaching back is unfit for the glory of My Presence to shine upon you. When the Spirit of the Lord is quenched, there is little movement of the Spirit beyond convictions. How great is your love for your children for them to see and to know Me and My Goodness? The choice is yours. Give me your hearts, not your meaningless chatter.....deno......share freely.