Monday, July 27, 2015

You Are Royalty In Christ Jesus......deno......share freely,

       Gods love is so deep for us that He calls us by His Name, by His own Name. Every loving father gives his children HIS NAME. Every loving father calls their children by their name by the seed connection that the child is BORN OF. This is totally normal and natural in our world.
       Even so it is also normal and natural to do so in the heavenly world. It is just that in Christ Jesus, the name, the SPIRITS NAME that we are called by happens to be the most glorious and most Highest Royal Name of the highest royalty in all of heaven and earth forever. The whole FAMILY of God is named with the Fathers Name. If His Great Name is not your name then you are not His child, his offspring. Christ is the ROYAL SEED we are born of.
      We are so connected to the Fathers Name that really we are supposed to think by and do all things as His children (not as strangers or as foreigners, but as His very own greatly loved and perfectly belonging to Him children) in His Name, the Name of Jesus Christ. Paul said, In all you do, do all in the name of Jesus Christ. 
       We are to be children of God, called by His Great Name Minded. We are ROYAL CHILDREN of THE MOST HIGH and of His Most High Far Above All Name in Christ Jesus the King of kings. You and I in Christ are those kings he is King of...We are Royalty, a royal Priesthood..We are the sons and daughters of the MOST HIGH GOD in Christ Jesus.Lord open our eyes to all the glory in this truth and redemption light. Amen....deno.......share freely.