Monday, July 27, 2015

The New Mercies Bread....Such Good News......deno.....share freely.

        The Lord Swore in His love these words....I will be MERCIFUL to their sins and their iniquities I will forgive, forget, and remember them no more. That is such GOOD NEWS.
        Gods swearings in His Love are for our positive benefits and new day joys and strengths. Peace Jesus gave is. His peace he left with us.
       God also said that His mercies for our sakes are renewed every morning....Why? Well one reason is because more than we fully know God longs to walk and fellowship with us everyday, even all day. He is always ON for this. His love for us is so deep and so real that this is His daily Hot Desire towards us. He is never lukewarm concerning His love and goodwill for His children. God is always on fire for His people.
        Well sin can come between our fellowship with God, So God has to make His mercies NEW for us EVERY MORNING or the new day for fellowship with us and us with Him is already spoiled. He is not behind the veil anymore. That veil was torn in twain and ever since that day God is out looking for people , for us to fill us and our lives up with Himself and all His goodness thru faith in His Sons reconciling blood.
         God this morning, right now, is Hot in a good way. He is so ready to forgive you and put all those sins of yesterday and of all our yesterdays in the grace and MERCY of His promise to totally remove them from us as for as east is from the west.This is one of the GOOD THINGS Christ Blood Speaks for us.
        And God Swore, yes on His mighty throne of His grace and love, God rose up and Swore to give us this strong strong strong comfort and consolation  for our and His sake, He swore to REMEMBER THEM (Our sins) NO MORE . I will be merciful to their unrighteousness God promised and their sins and iniquities will I remember  no more He SWORE. This is one of those NEW COVENANT BETTER PROMISES.
        God is Far More Hot to forgive you and cleanse you of all unrighteousness than most think. He is in no wise lukewarm about this promise or about any area of His Love for us. He wants to fellowship and walk WITH YOU in love and grace thru Jesus Christ whose blood was shed to fulfill His Fathers love, peace, and goodwill desire for you.
         Don't let the devil deceive you to make you think God will not forgive you. And don't let the accuser of the brethren make you think it is God accusing you over and over again about your past sins, IT IS NOT. God Swore, God Swore, God Swore I will me merciful. I will forgive. I will cleanse You. I will remove your sins from you as far as east is from the west. He Swore this also (and the MOUTH OF GOD CANNOT LIE),.... I SWEAR YOUR SINS I WILL FORGIVE AND REMEMBER THEM NO MORE.
        All these above goodwill promises of God towards us, God has sworn them in His love for us and in total high honor of the redeeming sacrifice of Jesus His Son. God honors these promises. They are sacred ground to Him written in the blood of His Sons Sufferings. Satan is the one that dishonors these words, these great and precious promises. It is the devil that keeps bringing them (your past and your forgiven sins up) NOT THE SWEARING GOD THAT CAN BY NO MEANS EVER BREAK A PROMISE.
         Let us with God honor His Son Jesus this morning and every day and believe in the love God has for us and walk and live in the fellowship of the new covenant forgiveness.
       This is a New Day. Lets live it with our Wonderful Father and Jesus washed in the blood of the Lamb Happy and set  Free, for whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED. Good morning Father. Good Morning Jesus. Good Morning Holy Spirit. Good Morning Church. Good Morning Angels.....Amen......Jesus & deno.....share freely.