Thursday, July 30, 2015

God Is Up To Something BIG......deno......share freely.

          Since God showed His prophet in the scriptures that BY HIS SPIRIT God can make dead dried up bones come fully back alive and cover them with freshly made healthy tendons, muscles, organs, and bodies and that such is an awing but ease for God by the breath of His Spirit to do; we can know and believe and be fully assured  that no matter how dead our position, circumstance, or situation looks, WE HAVE GREAT SURE HOPE IN GOD. God showed His prophet that vision for truth to be established and for hope to abound in us (His People) thru the power of the Holy Spirit. It was for those of the times of resurrection grace of the Power of God. Even New Covenant Glory.
          Let us pray for God to BREATHE HIS BREATH on us, upon all flesh. TO POUR OUT HIS SPIRIT UPON OUR SITUATIONS AND NEED as we quote back to God in Jesus Name the words of His COVENANT PROMISES.
         Church we have a mighty New Covenant with God in Christ Jesus. Paul wrote that our new covenant is a Better Covenant filled with BETTER promises and filled with greater Power and filled with the greater presence of God and Grace than Moses had and better than all the covenant promises in the old testament. Surely in Christ Jesus we have resurrection power and hope from faith unto faith unto even resurrection measures of true hope. As the prophet wrote and in his writings said to us all, I SAW THOSE BONES COME BACK ALIVE AND LIVE SO HOPE THOU IN GOD, our MIGHTY GOD.
         Church God is at work and He is up to something and He is up to something BIG. Be a part of it. The past does not matter by the power of the blood of Christ. Believe me, God has taught me this personally. Forget those failures and sights of fright from your past deeds. Little sins, Big sins, Self sins, Group sins, Nice looking sins, or those horrific embarrassing haunting type of sins, none are any match against the greatness of the Love and Blood of Emmanuel, the blood of the Son of God. NO MATCH AT ALL. He promises to wipe away all our shame. 
        Let this New Covenant promise rule in your heart and minds. God swore these words for your and my benefits. He swore saying, In the New Covenant written with the blood of My Son, in honor of His blood I will be merciful. I swear these words that I will be merciful to their unrighteous deeds and their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more, nor bring them back up. WHAT A GLORIOUS NEW COVENANT BETTER PROMISE. God swore himself to those words for OUR BENEFIT. The bible says that Christ blood speaks unto us GOOD THINGS and that is ONE of those GOD THINGS that Christ blood speaks. All Aboard.
         Gods called ministers are believing Bigger than all their yesterdays. They are reaching to the heights of the most abounding grace and the most riches of graces glory given us in Christ. Let us all believe Big together. With faith confidence let us all ASK BIG the God who made all those dead bones come back alive again spirit, soul, and body.
         Lord breathe on us afresh Your resurrection Breath and Spirit in Jesus Name and cause the church to COME ALIVE with the riches of Christ in us grace and glory that the Name of the Lord be magnified and exalted in this generation afresh FAR ABOVE ALL. Let faith arise and all our enemies be scattered into the grace of God themselves thru faith in Jesus Christ His risen Son thru the goodness of God unto repentance thru the Good News Christ Blood Speaks. Amen.....deno....share freely.