Friday, July 31, 2015

From Milk to the Meat in Christ Jesus...A Different Mood of the Holy Spirit in this one but certainly this light has its place..We Certainly Can Grow and Change By Prayer and By Grace. What is hard for us today, can be much easier for us in the tomorrows. Keep growing in the grace of God given us In Christ Jesus..Scroll Down....deno.....share freely.

         Even if our dear children or our parents or our closest companions break our hearts and turn from the saving way and even if loved ones refuse to repent or to take to heart the love and the warnings that the blood of Christ speaks to us all, we must choose Jesus over everything else.This is why Jesus said, If a man loves his father, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter more than me he is not worthy of me. Jesus knew the course of this world. He knew what was ahead.
        When the truth is under fire and the heat is on against the gospel and against your faith in the gospel, if you love your life or even your children and family and companions more than Jesus, you could very easily fall when under the satanical opposition that rises up in the last days against your hope in Christ.
         In these last days we will see the need for this and the truths of these word. Even if standing up for Jesus unto death is the days call as many christians in other nations are experiencing this day, Jesus still tells us exactly what he told Peter...Follow Me.
        What Peter ran from in fear to save his life when Jesus was being rejected by the people in fear of his own life being taken from him, after Peter was allowed to taste failure, he later grew in the Lord and later he went boldly to taste the price that he in his former years ran from. Peter had grown. Peter had changed.
        Thru intercessory prayer and growing in his love for Jesus, Peter increased with strength and grace. In his love and devotion to Jesus, the grown, the changed and strengthened Peter, he later joyfully laid down his life for his First Love Jesus under the same pressure that caused him to run for his life in his former days. The test, the trials, the temptations did not take him down as they did in his earlier years. He grew stronger. So can we.
        We can certainly grow and change and become stronger in the Faith of Jesus Christ. What is hard for us to do today can become a territory of ease for us in the future as we grow in the faith, the hope, and in the love and light of Jesus Christ. Amen.......deno........share freely.