Thursday, August 22, 2013

God Is Speaking To Us All.....deno

     So many voices in the world. So many ideas, diverse religious faiths and convictions being promoted around the world as THE ANSWER. So many I have a dream speech add ons by deluded so called self appointed prophets whose spirits illumination is of darkness rather than from light. Jesus dealt with this spiritual, religious condition that he saw in many in his days on earth saying, "If the light that is in you BE DARKNESS, How great/deep/ misleading is that darkness"? Jesus taught many will believe lies as to be truth concerning divine things. They will believe that things of darkness are actually things of light but they are not. They, he said, are deceived. Every day these and this fills the news.
      So many today in all nations hold fast to what is of darkness but in their strong delusion they call and classify it as divine light and divine illumination and many of these are anointed in the tongue with the empowerment (not of God), but of a clever, seemingly bright, Serpent that in craftiness of wit of religious looking smoke and non religious smoke, lie, deceive, mislead and confuse with clever distortion what is the real light from heaven which is THE GOSPEL TRUTH. They say our voice is of the same source as Jesus. Our voice equals his might and light and will bring forth in the end the same result as his ascension back into paradise. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.
     Martin Luther King had a dream and I personally believe he was a man of God called for a destiny of liberties call to justice for all men who are created equal by God in America. But today, standing upon  diverse stages in this world, musicians, spokesmen, movie stars, politicians, so called enlightened ones, new ager's, atheist, evolutionist, humanist, and many others of so called truth revelation or religious insight self promote their ideas, dreams, doctrines and convictions that when scrutinized by God and His Sons words, they fall short of agreement. This my friends in turn as a result is right now, in the heavenly places that are attached to the heart and souls of mankind, are causing fiery friction between heaven and earth  and we are feeling this disagreement explosion in our society in human conduct and behavior.
      God told His People long ago that righteousness exalts and blesses the nation of His People who call upon His Name, but when corruption and sin abound in it's leadership and society things begin to fall and fail around them. He said even men's hearts will fail them as they contemplate, observe, and see what is taking place on the earth and in society. For it is better a people had not known than to have known and then turn away from the truth. Believe it or not this is America's biggest problem and the core cause of it's present slippery slope. The sinkholes are the earths cry against a sinking nation whose foundations have been rattled and shaken by the power of rebellion against God and against it's righteous foundations that are buckling. A generation has dawned who embraces light that is not light but darkness. They love darkness Jesus said more than the light. But the party of wickedness will continue in the land. The further promotion of bewitching things the witches of new age and other doctrines of demons will deceive even more. The rocks below will continue to cry out against the rebellious nation. And for all that happens so many will still  not understand this and refuse to repent. 
      I close reminding all of us of these words that bear the weight of this script. Jesus told the man that he had just set free, healed, delivered and made whole, He said to him what he says to us all and this nation who for generations in it's majority CALLED UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD IN RIGHTEOUSNESS AND IN FAITH, He Said, " Now Go And Sin & Rebel No More Lest A WORSE THING COME UPON YOU AND YOUR LIFE...This truth extends out into America's society and nation and streets.
      America Come Back To Your Root. Come Back TO  The God Of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Come back to the God and Father of Our Risen Lord Jesus Christ in both repentance and in faith. For if you refuse to forgive you cannot be healed. If you refuse to love your neighbor as yourself, you lie against the truth and are in your courts again of perception and reasoning objecting against the Sermon of God and against the saving gospel of Jesus Christ whose word and name is in heaven forever MAGNIFIED AND EXALTED AS FAR ABOVE ALL. God is speaking to us all.....Amen......deno......please share freely.