Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Bible's Accuracy and Power........deno

      The bible is so accurate and so powerful that all of us will go the bible way one way or the other. The bible speaks of two directions and tells us all exactly how we enter both and that for all eternity. Just because men and women wish not to hear the bibles words, blessings, and warnings will not make it's power and truth null and void in it's dominance & rule over them. Sure we could all throw away the bible. Bury it. Ban it so far away from our ears and society and live as loose and as free as our lust and passions and prejudices will take us. This too is also mentioned in the scriptures. But just like the bible says, the end of those that choose to do that is not a pleasant one by any means. It is terrible upon their unruly souls. The bible has a word of truth for every choice we make good or bad, right or wrong. For every truth or lie......deno.