Sunday, August 25, 2013

God's Real Cure For Hopelessness.......deno

     When a soul wakes up each day to face life and it's challenges on this earth, if the soul is possessed or overcome with a hopeless thought process, then that soul is or can become dangerous to himself and society. They have no love light shinning in them. For the princes of evil looks for such love empty souls to be formed upon the earth to prey upon and roam thru to make blacker and gloomier the day with shadows and excretions of their dull and darkness placed upon it.     Darkness begets more darkness.  Light begets light. They prefer darkness over light and they and others will suffer for it.
       Hopelessness comes from the one, the spirit of the hopeless one. He that fell from heaven like lightning that knows he has no hope and is set outside the kingdom of God with only a judgement of eternal fire and destruction ahead for himself. This just penned is his hopelessness and  constant personal haunting. So he roams to deceive in order to be given place to, in order to presently or eventually steal, kill and destroy those souls or his prey in his hate and rebellion against God. 
      We have a generation that this simple spiritual light and wisdom is deeply attached to and is increasing more and more on the earth and will continue to show it's ugly face in acts of unnatural affections and criminal behavior as the world is driven more and more away from the hope Jesus Christ gives. You can see all this drifting away in their eyes. Only the light and hope of Jesus Christ understood in it's love message can really change this and brighten up our days. All other hope and change messages are misleading information. A temp of illusional hype that cannot reach into eternal depths within and everlasting heights. This coming scripture contains in it's light the true healing message, It is this, "CHRIST IN YOU the HOPE OF GLORY." .....deno......please share freely.