Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Rocks Will Cry Out......deno

       In the city of David a people of the Lord began to praise him highly for his love and miracles of healing that he had much performed blessing them immensely. They herald him with such high praises that it caught the attention of the envious and those that envied both he and the praises given him said to Jesus,  "Stop these people from praising you. It is not right". 
     Well Jesus knew who he was. He knew a greater one than Moses, a greater one than King David, a greater one than Solomon and a greater one than John the baptist was now on the scene and on the earth in their midst. He knew he was from eternity. He knew he was from Eternal glory, power and might of the GODHEAD and that both he and the Father had been as One since before ever and ever shall be. He knew he was worthy of all praise, adoration and admiration of his created creatures. And he also knew that we were all created by him,  for his daily praise and good pleasure. This praise and giving the Lord good pleasure connection was so deeply woven into us, into our CREATED PURPOSE that Jesus answered those envious ones SAYING, "IF THEY DO NOT PRAISE ME, THE ROCKS, THE FOUNDATIONS WILL CRY OUT."
      Every Word and work of God has a spiritual foundation like unto a rock upholding it. God builds all His works on a solid rock and foundation. The earth has a foundation. As it is written of Jesus as the Lamb, "You were known slain from THE FOUNDATION of the earth."
      America in her great rebellion has now been hammering at her foundations for quite some time. She has taken the praise that rightfully was given and belongs to the Lord which was her foundations and has placed her praise elsewhere in other fantasies, lying wonders, other lust, pleasures, and in other false hopes, phony religious and non religious names and dreams. So much so her rocks and underneath foundations are beginning to split and show there movements.  Just as Jesus said, They Are Crying Out.
      Fellow believers, as much as the left and the liberals and the atheist and the humanist and the Aleister Crowley crowds with all their money, media, and might fight against us Christians to shut up our convictions and bushel our light wishing we would no longer speak or pray in the Name of Jesus Publicly. We must do as the apostles did when the same was commanded against them in their hour to glorify Jesus. They said," It is better for us to obey God than you. We must never stop speaking the words of the Son of God's life and testimony". They laid it all on the line. Even their physical life itself in their uncompromising stand for the Lord whom they had seen, handled, touched and even ate with after his resurrection. Even so like wise, when those envious said to Jesus demanding that he shut up those in the great crowd and congregation that were praising him, He said in his own unique way with the message of the rocks, "NO I will not tell them to shut up their praising Me".
      Let us be that stubborn and bold as well in this our hour where in we are both called and ordained to magnify, exalt, stand up for, and glorify Jesus Christ the Son of God. It wasn't politically correct in their days also to preach and teach in the name of Jesus Christ. But in God's greater court and light everyday is given for the glory and praise of God and Jesus Christ with our abounding thanksgivings for all His provisions and goodness and mercies. 
       Well friends please hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying here. Recall the former days. What eventually happened to that nation that turned from Lord and refused to praise His Son that He gave. They crucified him to hopefully silence his message and voice. They failed though in their attempt to silence him and soon not many years after  that their house was left them desolate and empty of God's presence and they were attacked and trampled over by the gentiles and scattered throughout the world and tasted bitter streets and the rough edges of life for hundreds of years....Amen......deno....please share freely.