Saturday, August 24, 2013

Christian Persecution Increasing.......

      God does not and will not pour out His wrath upon Himself. He pours out His Spirit and Living Waters upon His own that believe and belong to Christ. 
     God does not and will not persecute His believers and children called THE CHRISTIANS whose righteousness is by faith In Christ blood. 
     But Guess who does and will pour out his anger and rage on CHRISTIANS from the least of them to the greatest of them?.....hmmmm? It's a no brainer. It is he who in order to deceive, appears to people sometimes in his transformed state. Paul said Satan transforms himself as a messenger of light to deceive and work his agenda and schemes on the earth. He did this to one a long time ago and from that one appearance he has an army in these last days with religious rage, anger and hatred and fear in their heart waged against those who believe and belong to Jesus Christ the Son of God. Satan has deceived them. Jesus said, they will kill the Christians thinking they are doing God's will. They are deceived......please share freely