Monday, August 26, 2013


    When another system and nation rose up and came against the freedoms and way of life and against the faith of the people of Israel, one young believing teenage boy of incredible courage God used to bring down their attempt to overthrow Israel and their way of life and faith. Where are all the King Davids in our land today? Goliath with his OBAMACARE is threatening so many freedoms of the American people and way of life and to many people are just standing on the sidelines and letting them do this. Had David remained on the sidelines like the rest of Israel history would have been different for Israel, MUCH DIFFERENT......
      And this also. We that have been paying attention, all know now our presidents  true faith. "If things get tough in America, he said, I will stand with the Muslims", President Obama. OBAMACARE is the socialist/progressive armies subtle weapon to fundamentally change America and incarcerate freedoms by the use of the guise of human health insurance and care, but it's greater AGENDA is for the subtle surrender of Constitution guaranteed freedoms and liberties. EVEN BY UNCONTESTED NEW NATIONAL SOCIALIST LAWS IMPLEMENTED BY VOTED IN LEGISLATION INTO THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE BY TREASONAL BEHAVIOR BY OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS. America the cost is staggering and it's a lot more than just money at stake. 
       Demand they explain all that is in OBAMACARE before it is to late. They are counting on your staying on the side lines, on your disinterest, on your silence.......deno