Monday, August 26, 2013

OBAMACARE #1...The Hidden Agenda......deno

      Leaders of a Communist Nation years ago said in similar words that they would take down Americas Liberties and Freedoms and System of Constitution without firing a single shot. They had internal infiltration in mind for the years to come in America. Our Presidents list of his attachment to communism and socialism and their promoters is staggering, check the record....You tell me....He said, A fundamental change is coming to America. The cold war is still going on and the battlefield is the field of American government legislation. By the whip of a pen and printed ink President Obama and his socialist/communist/progressive crowd have and are re-writing our Constitution in the Volumes of the WORDS that they have hidden in the maze of OBAMACARE POLICIES, RULES AND REGULATIONS and America is blind to what is really going on in this New Constitution called OBAMACARE. It's an American Government Abomination For The Surrender of Precious Liberties & Freedoms of the American People. It is THE GREAT CHANGE HE CAMPAIGNED ON and entertainment loving America was to sedated to see what was ahead and coming to our country. And now it is just moments away unless the People of the United States themselves seriously rise up and STOP IT. You have a voice America, a great and mighty voice. Don't compromise your Constitution........deno