Monday, September 23, 2013

What Are You In And Here For ? Conversations In Heaven & Hell.....deno.

       When we that are In Christ Jesus are all gathered together in glory, into the paradise of God, each of us will have our own individual awe and wonder of what we are feeling and seeing. Our sights shall be filled with the scenes of awing Mountains of God, rivers clear and clean. Huge lush trees and beautiful flowers and gardens landscaped to heavens perfection and not a weed anywhere. Fruit trees, humongous trees with beautiful smelling leaves and the most beautiful green forest you have ever seen with birds arrayed in the most beautiful colors singing their unique praises to Jehovah. Animals we know of and ones we know not of shall roam the rolling green plains with the children. Mighty and glorious spirits called angels in the variety of  shapes and forms shall we see moving about. Some with eyes all around their heads signifying the glory of the all seeing, all knowing God that created them. Others with mighty wings flying the friendly skies of heavens endless space. Cities so beautiful our earthen cities look ugh and dim in comparison. Buildings of the Mighty Builder and His carpentry angels perfectly constructed for praise and family gatherings of heavens massive numbers for the most joy filled, Jesus filled, get together's.
       As we walk and stand in the awe of heaven we shall turn to one another and share our praise and awe with each other of the glory of God that we see in the things which He has made in heaven His Paradise. His ears and His knowing shall hear all our words, our conversations, and all our thoughts of praise. For there the worship is so much on the inside of our inner man, in the spirit of our being in ungrieved free flowing fellowship with God who is in us and us in God, in the domain of the connection in the heart, that is the spirit. Jesus said. "they will worship God in spirit and in truth." 
     In heaven we shall see loved ones and friends that overcame the darkness and spiritual blindness of this world. They called upon the Name of Jesus Christ unto salvation. They made it to heaven thru their joining Jesus, God's Son, by faith from the Cross to the throne of God the Father where in he sits and reigns with the Father. They received Jesus as Lord and Savior while they were on earth (where he must be received) or we fall short of the glory of God. 
     These loved ones and friends shall come to us, talk with us, share heaven with us. They will show us around in extreme delight and happiness speaking  wonderfully about the Lord, His goodness, and even what is presently to us Mysteries. They will show us strange but yet such beautiful heavenly things and realities that function to the carnal mind like miracles or for lack of a better word and forgive me for using this word, God's real magic, not fake. And God shall we see High and Lifted up in His awing mighty Throne that is the headquarters of His Eternal Life, Might and Power. There in the throne lightnings, thunders, atomic energies for lack of a better word proceed out from the Father's Spirit of incredible love and light that lights up the heaven of heavens. A most perfect and beautiful rainbow extends round about and above the throne of God reflecting His covenant on earth with man.These things and so much more shall be in the walk and the conversations between you and I and those that ran the race before us who entered into the Joy Of God and Jesus Christ our Redeemer in heaven God' paradise.
      But now for a brief moment let us turn our attention to THE OTHER  PLACE. The place of the outer realms of darkness. The place of the knashing of teeth where the worm (meaning in part where the souls are buried in the deeper dust of the earth in hell), where the worm never dies and the fire is never quenched. Into the region of the flames where the hands on witness of it's sorrow in conversation with Abraham said"for I am tormented in this flame."
    We find from what Jesus revealed to us in Luke 16:19-31 that in hell to, in hell ALSO, they can still talk in their agony. They can converse with one another even in and even under extreme discomforts. There is no comforts given in hell, no not one, not even the smallest drop of water so don't go there in your departing from the body. Jesus died for your escape from hell and rose again from the dead for your way to heaven. He took care of our sins punishment thru the torments of His Cross so that we could be forever saved and eternally comforted in His Glory in heaven. Amen.
      One of the things they will ask each other being in hell in the grievances of hells reality as where they are is a nightmare of nightmares but they realize it is their living reality and that forever-unending. They will ask each other inside the prison of all prisons, inside the prison God created originally for demons which are heavens criminals of the worse kind. How did you get here? What did you do? Though the answer can be heard  in the trillions of response I want to write  a few of them below.
    Some will answer that question saying: In this writing  let us look at just one of the many.
1) They answer...I don't know.....These are they who were entrapped by the sin of Adam and not their own. Let me explain....
      God had given Adam a bag of seeds attached to his body to plant and bring forth from. ALL the children of God to come would all come from his loins, from that bag of seeds created attached to his body. This was the highest entrustment  and honor that God could ever entrust to a created creature that He had made and to Adam such a crown of glory & honor was given.God entrusted Adam and Eve with all the safe keeping and all the bringing  forth of His sons and daughters to come.
     God told them,"I have given you the earth, the fulness thereof and everything in it." It is yours. Till it and farm it and have dominion over all of it, it's vegetation, forest, animals, birds, fishes and all the I have made." KEEP IT ALL SAFE, they are now in your hands. And also I have given you My Own Special Honor. I have given you a special BAG OF SEEDS and A HOLY GROUND for it's sowing called the mothers womb. This is My Highest honor that I can give. I give you the responsibility, THE SACRED TRUST, the crown of glory & honor that you, (Adam & Eve), are to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth with My children, My sons and daughters. To the both of you I bless, vow and give this great sacred trust. KEEP IT AND THEM SAFE."Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.
     Friends all they had to do was not eat of that one tree, remember? He gave them every other tree and fruit and herb and vegetation  of the whole earth to eat with thanksgiving. Only one he said as the Everlasting Father/Parent, eat not of and it was that one Satan was hissing from.
      Note: Satan is always hiding in that which is sin or forbidden. It can be an herb to smoke, or another drug, or a psychic hot line, or a false belief, or a false religion, or a false doctrine, or a demonic lit movie, or a bodily allure, or a lying, deceiving tongue, or a Wiji Board, or a Tara card, or a sin filled song that glorifies disobedience and the pleasures of sin and transgressions, or inside a friend, even a loved one, or a family member, even a church member (Read Matthew 16:21-23 for that one). He hides to lie in wait to deceive, then wound, and even kill, and destroy if allowed by non resisting prey.
      Well when he deceived Eve to sin and she allured Adam to the bed of betrayal, the affliction, the curse of that one transgression, cursed, poisoned, caused spiritual and physical deformations in the DNA and genes from their original perfect image and polluted that bag with all it's seeds with evil, with weakness, with sickness and disease, with aging and decay, and with spiritual death disconnecting the children to come from God and connecting us all to sin and death, to the grave and hell, and to Satan(Acts 26:18) in a legal transaction. 
    This sin of Adams betrayal was no lite thing or a lite matter at all and should never be thought to have been. It's weight was so heavy and FAR REACHING that it even reached into the Throne of the Godhead and brought down Jesus to tears and to  sweat as it were drops of blood and poured it's heavy weight on to the very life of the Son of God Himself by whom the Father made the worlds and slung him in it's force upon the horrors of a redeeming tormenting cross. If Jesus was forced by Adams one sin to suffer the cross and taste a horrible death for every man do, not think souls do not taste the torments of hell whomever they be. Jesus' cross reveals to us how terrible, how awful Adams sin was. Jesus' chained hands as he was brought to judgment reveals to us God's hand were tied to His words to Adam and Eve in the great SACRED TRUST and the only remedy would be that the Law Giver taste death to dissolve the power of the Law He gave. For if the giver of the Law died so legally and without argument could the Law and the letter of sin and death that killeth the soul. For the strength of all sin the scriptures reveal is the Law, but where there is no Law there is no transgression (Romans 4:15)(1st Corinthians 15"56-57) The world does not or accept what I'm about to reveal to you, but none the less it is accurate. 
    Adam & Eve committed the most horrible of sins man could commit and it's consequences exceeds our imaginations. Souls in hell, whether that of children or of adults, are there for the same reason Jesus was on the cross. Not because of their own sins Necessarily (Important point there) but because of Adams Sin (See Romans 5:12-21) & (Ephesians 4:17-18) & (Ephesians 2:12...friends vs 12 includes the children). This is the nightmare of Adams transgression that caused mans children much pains and sufferings, and God's Son tremendous pains and sufferings. The Law of sin and death is a real legal binding spiritual law. It was not born from human intellect or human reasoning, or of the human will, or from human wisdom, or form human fantasy, but is a spiritual binding law that the LOST BLIND WORLD is blind to in understanding. 
    Adam sinned and betrayed the SACRED TRUST, throwing the world and the world of God's children to the lions and the wolves of hell. Only Jesus by the power of covenant ties, becoming the Second Adam, could undo what the first Adam did. But note this (Important Point Here). Even though God's Son became a man(the Lamb) and went thru all, all, all the horrors of the cross to save and redeem man, and even though the Cross of Christ is God's mightiest maximum power to save; the truth of the matter is, the law of sin and death is so real, is so true, is so legally binding, and is so attached to mankind, that the small and the great,  many many many of them still want make the great escape though the MIGHTY POWER OF GOD was fully unleashed to save them is stretched out to all the world. That itself tells us how powerful Adams Sin was on the soul. For though God Almighty himself became flesh and dwelt amongst us and went to the cross to save the world, THE POWER Adams sin and peoples sin including the sin of unbelief, KEEPS THE POWER OF EVEN ALMIGHTY GOD'S CROSS FROM PROFITING THEM (Hebrews 4:2))Mark 16:16) That is amazing but it is the truth.
    When God gave Adam the bag of seeds for all the children to come from and gave Eve the holy ground of her womb, THE SACRED TRUST WAS GIVEN (That's Important)....God is not an Indian giver so to speak. His givings, his gifts and callings given man are without His regret and without his repentance. No matter what, God will not lie for no one. If it cost Him His own life God will not lie. He will swear and keep His word and His part of the bargain even to His own hurt though others don't, the cross proves this. Though others run from the truth, deny they know the truth, If God said that he was going to the cross to die for the sin of the world, friends he is going and that's it. Come hell or high water God will uphold His word. If it cost his life or others their lives, GOD WILL NOT LIE. He upholds all creation and all thing s thru the power, the truth, the unblemished flawless integrity of HIS WORD. 
     Adam and Eve transgressed God's commandment, God's word that God in His unbreakable integrity had attached the consequence of death unto. Only God knew the full of the reach of the death word that he used in the warning of death to the transgressor.  Eternal everlasting separation from God was in the defining ingredients of the words He used saying You Shall Die if you do. It was God's vocabulary not mans. When they sinned by Satan, despite the warning God, by the law of God's  unbreakable integrity, all was binding even unto eternal and everlasting measures and scales. Even to the souls in hell never dying, but rather with the devils suffering indignation and wrath forever and for them their is nothing that the mighty interceding cross of Christ can do. That is amazing but none the less is it the TRUTH. So when those that answer in hell what are you in for and they say I DON'T KNOW. What you read today unveils the answer....deno.....more to come...please share freely.