Sunday, September 22, 2013

Why I Believe In The Trinity #5)...The Father, Son (Jesus) & Holy Spirit.........deno

    Did you know that after the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, conversations began to continue between the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. In these conversations was God the Father or Jesus the Son talking to their Self like in a mirror or was it a real conversation between TWO wills and two loving entities or persons? Lets look and see.
    In John 20:17 Jesus freshly being raised from the dead and delivered from the grave, appeared to Mary who loved him dearly. When she realized it was Jesus talking to her, with childlike excitement Mary wanted to reach out and embrace and hug Jesus so tightly with all the strength of her love for him, for no man or person on earth cared for people so genuinely as the Lord, nor did any behave and carry themselves like Jesus.  He was the only perfect man on the earth and such a man Mary was privileged to have known, touched and handled with the disciples in holy embracement and fellowship. And now above all that, here he is standing right before her in the freshly revived  body with the resurrection glory of the Father still a fixed to him, and she is in full awe. The wonder of him and the wonder of what she is now witnessing after seeing him so brutally slain upon the cross gives her such excitement she is wound up for the biggest joy filled hug of her life. Jesus is risen from the dead. Her Lord. Her Savior. Her Master is standing right before her. She moves in for the great hug and Jesus needfully so says, Wait Mary touch me not. For I am not yet ascended unto MY FATHER. 
     You see Jesus knew the Father was to be the first to cleave to and to embrace the Son for his mighty triumph over sin, over Satan, over death, hell and the grave after the resurrection. That was the plan. The Father was to partake of the resurrections first fruits first  of His Son, for the Father was the author, the sower and the harvester of the first fruits of what he had sown in the world in the SOWING, IN THE GIVEN OF HIS SON.  So to Mary he says, touch me not Mary. For I have not yet ascended unto my Father. But I commission you(A WOMEN) to go preach the good news of my resurrection to the disciples. This is the sermon I want you to preach to them. Tell them I ascend unto (Notice this) My Father and Your Father. To My God and to Your God...Here after his resurrection Jesus testifies that he was not the Father, and that he has not as of yet ascended back to heaven unto His Father.  Plainly in this light we can see that Jesus is still on earth, but His Father is still in Heaven needed to be ascended unto by the Son from the earth.
    Now as Mary left, Jesus did ascend unto the Father in speed our known light cannot even fathom easily. He arrives in the third heaven, the paradise of the His Father even as he told Mary. He arrives there to be honored by HIS FATHER AND OUR FATHER. By His God and as he told Mary, By OUR GOD....He is standing before the mighty Throne of  splendorous glory and power. His Father, the Greater One is gazing at Him and into His eyes with a Fathers love beyond the realm of all human love though we do get glimpses of this kind of love in parents love for their children. There their eyes meet again face to face for the first time since he left from the throne to the earth. Now he is back having finished the work His glorious Father sent him into the world to accomplish and he is standing before His Father as the overcoming King. It is time for the Father to fulfill Jesus' prayer petition that we have talked about in John 17:4-5) he prayed this....Father I have glorified you on the earth. I have accomplished the scriptures and completed the work you sent me into the world to do. 5) AND NOW, Loving Father, glorify me with YOUR OWN SELF with the glory which I had with you BEFORE WE CREATED THE WORLD.
    Those words of Jesus' prayer rises up into the mind of the Father as if afresh. Love beyond all known love is stirring up it's exalting glory in the Father to honor His Son in heavens highest and do so far above all (See Ephesians 1:16-23). The Father begins to pour into His Son the glorifying power of God that used to be in His Son before His Son volunteered to humble himself and be emptied of the glory he, before the world was, had fully shared with his Father(John 17:5) & (See Philippians 2:3-11).
    The Father says to Jesus in the presence of all of heavens angels and citizens. In front of all the patriarchs and the prophets of old Hebrews 1:13) Come now My Son and Sit on my right hand here with me in MY THRONE (see Revelations 3:21) till I make all your enemies your footstool. (One day all the so called self made prophets of religions today on the earth who exalt themselves and their messages above Jesus Christ are going to perish under the rock of THIS TRUTH. The word says the truth that is in Jesus Christ will one day crush his enemies and his opposer's to powder.
    Let's continue:  Come the Father says. And as Jesus is walking up the steps to the mighty Throne, the Father continues His personal praising, honoring, and the exalting of His Son that He so dearly loves with all His heart and being, with all His power and far above all might and Name. It is in these words of the Father unto His Son, (and it is absolutely impossible for God to lie or mislead), that we find in the conversation between the Father and the Son in heaven, that the Father himself, as Jesus Said, is Jesus' God and Jesus' Father, and that also Jesus, the Son, is IN THE GODHEAD as the Second Person of the Godhead, of all that makes Power of God and of all that makes God up. 
     Follow the words, the revelation, the light below and let it's truth burn within your hearts. God the Father Himself confesses before all of heaven and earth that He is God and Jesus shares the same Godhead status and glory with the Father and the Father Himself Calls His Son God to, God as well. Man did not introduce this light of the the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. The Father Himself did. And it is to be noted that the Father did this upon His Throne. Upon the Throne that He swore all His promises to Abraham upon. Upon the Throne of Unblemished light and integrity.
     Hebrews 1:8-12)...Unto the Son , he saith, Your throne, oh God (remember this is the Father re-glorifying His Son as Jesus prayed in John 17:5 as we talked about earlier). Your Throne, Oh God, is for ever and ever (Meaning there shall be no end to this exaltation, the re glorification of the Son, and there shall be no end to His reign. Jesus shall never have to again humble himself and empty himself of his divine position and glory with the Father as he did to become the Lamb our Redeemer. Redemption has been accomplished and the Fathers satisfaction of His Sons redeeming works is sworn as forever never to have to be repeated ever again)..... A sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre  of your kingdom. vs 9) You have loved righteousness and hated iniquity, so for this reason (Notice the Father's vernacular)... God, even Your God.(Jesus the Father says has a God just like he told us in John 20:17, (in this they agree) and the Father has a Son (Jesus) that He Himself calls God and He has never ever been ashamed or thought it to be robbery that His Son is God,( Equal as God) and has been God with the Father (John 1:1-4) from all eternity, before all creation.....vs 9 in part again....therefore God, Even Your God, hath anointed you with the oil of gladness above all others..vs 10) And You, Lord, (The Father Calls His Son Lord...See Matthew 41-46)
in the beginning (He is not talking to the man but the Eternal Son who was with Him way before man was even created (See John 1:1-4)(Genesis 1:26) have laid the foundation of the earth; and the heavens are the works of your hands (Christ Jesus shown here involved in the birthing and is fully included in the ownership of the Creation). vs 11) They shall perish; but you shall remain (In this exaltation of the Son Jesus is having  so much Eternal Might and Everlasting Life Power of the Fathers Self, of the Eternal Life that is in the Father, injected into even His Body that death cannot in no way, shape, or form, come nigh his dwelling ever again.)...heaven and earth shall grow/wax old as do clothes, vs 12) And as a garment you shall fold them up and they shall be changed; but You Jesus are the same (Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever no matter what happens to the heavens or the earth)....yes heaven and earth shall undergo change, but Jesus you are the same and your years shall not fail.(Now and forever Jesus in His resurrected body and with his resurrected body shall live forever unchangeable and untouchable by death.
     Friends, in this light tht we have had unveiled today, we can see Jesus calls His Father- His God- and God the Father calls His Son, A God but not His God (important point there). The Father as Jesus said is greater than he and all. What God is the Son or who is the Son both Lord and God of? Well as the Father is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of the church. The Father is the Lord of Jesus (Matthew 22:44) and Jesus is the Lord of the Church, John 13:13)(also John 20:26-29). and Thomas said to Jesus, "My Lord and My God." Jesus from all eternity has said to His Father, My Lord, My Father, My God, and the Holy Ghost the third party and person in the Godheads Eternal Mix has always rejoiced over this, but be very careful never to talk bad of or blaspheme the Holy Ghost, for such is as forbidden even as the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil was to Adam and Eve......deno....please share freely.