Sunday, September 22, 2013


A MESSAGE ON HOPE.....Psalms 119:49-50)....Remember your word to your servant, for you Lord have given me hope. My comfort in my sufferings is this, Your promises preserves my life......amen

What a pleasant word to comfort us and console us. Are we weary or tired? Are we downcast or hurting? Are you experiencing a heavy trial? Has life given you one of it's unsuspected blows? Has the world befriended you? Remember with us this light. He that restored the earth after the flood. He that shall restore the whole creation when He makes all things new as He promised, can handle you, your life, and your situation thru his PROMISES TRUSTED & BELIEVED.  His mercies are renewed every morning for this very purpose. He also promises those who trust in Him to satisfy our mouths with good things so that our youthfulness and vigor is restored like an eagles is restored. Remember the promise, He Restores My Soul. He makes a way in the wilderness and causes springs of refreshing waters to rise and flow in the dry and dreary deserts. When up against a wall let us remember HE PARTED THE  RED SEA. When we are weighed down in the mud let us remember He cause the children of His deliverance, the heirs of His Victory over Pharaoh to walk across on DRY GROUND. Are you up to your neck in troubles and problems? Then recall what happened to Pharaoh and his armies that were Israels harassing troubles and problems for 400 hundred years. God broke the chains of their troubles and removed off their backs the weight of all those problems. Your God is a mighty God.  His Hand is not to short to deliver you. He knows how to drown our problems and He knows how to bury behind us our troubles. TRUST HIM, OBEY HIS WORD, BELIEVE HIS PROMISES.....deno....please share freely.