Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Are The People Of The Religion Of Peace?....deno

   People in America, and others and the whole civilized world is wondering why the  supposedly rational Muslim communities in America and around the world are not condemning these murderous acts against Christians all over the world. Well it is like this. Secretly, quietly they are glad they are doing what they are doing and secretly in their hearts they condone this for Mohammed said do it. You see we as Christians have always admired and appreciated those men like Billy Graham and Others who over the years have been on the front lines of the Christian evangelist movement going into all the world as Jesus said do, to convert sinners to Christ thru the gospel. We have loved their courage and boldness and have prayed for them and supported them.... Well the Muslims secretly love what the so called extremist are doing. They are like their heroes. Their front line religious soldiers. Their way of evangelizing so to speak is thru terror because the message is unattractive and weak...So they revert to evil and fear tactics to force submission.....deno