Thursday, February 27, 2014

Being Born Again.....Study Notes # 6....deno.....please share freely

      Take Heed, The Holy Spirit Will Quicken His Thoughts To You As You Read.....

      When the Lord from heaven, heaven being the glorious Love perfect, Pure and Holy Spirit World of God and His Magnificent Throne; when He came down from heaven, he came to bear witness to the truth, to show the world the Father, to unveil to us the Fathers true loving heart,  heavenly realities, and to be the Savior of the world thru the blood of His Cross. In his descending down to earth from heaven to become flesh, he said "a body have you prepared for Me"(Hebrews 10:5), Me being His Eternal Spirit (Hebrews 9:13-14). The Spirit of the Son of God. Son of God is always spirit. Son of man is mostly referring to the flesh and human offspring.
       With heavenly things, and spirit beings naturally real to Jesus and on His mind, for heaven is filled with spirits of all created kinds, Jesus spoke of them. He knew that He came down from heaven, from the splendorous Spirit World of God(Luke 6:38). He knew He has been with the Father even before the creation of heaven and before the foundation of the world(John 17:5 & John 1:1-3). He knew and said to the people of Israel, "Before Abraham was, I AM" meaning His Spirit was before Abraham and that He, the invisible part of Him that they could not see with their physical eyes was THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD HIMSELF FROM HEAVEN (1 Corinthians 15:47). He also said , "What if you see Me go back up from where I came".            
    Jesus was from heaven and He knew He was a SPIRIT. He came to us with an eternity belly full of life, light and information. He knew the Father was a Spirit. He knew they mixed so perfectly in their spiritual blend as perfect as water mixes and blends with water. He knew from that glorious mix He proceeded out, he proceeded out from the bosom of the Father and being sent by His Father, from there came the scripture, And He, that is called The Word that was with God before all things,  became flesh and dwelt amongst us (John 1:1-4,14).
        As The Word (Jesus Christ) within that body spoke, he was always about His Fathers business shedding light abroad on kingdom of God SPIRIT REALITIES. The invisible Father also was bearing witness to the words of His Son with signs and wonders and miracles of healing by His invisible power and invisible touch. As it is written, And He healed them all". Jesus had THE HIGHEST SPIRIT IN AND SPIRIT UPON Anointing of the Spirit of God ever, and the  people learned that just to touch his cloths and you became instantly cured of whatever sickness, infirmity, or disease you had. Invisible healing power flowed from him. It was the Spirit of the Lord. (John 3:34, Luke 4;14-19, Acts 10:38).
       And Jesus who has always been a Spirit filling up the sum of all eternity with His heavenly Father, he said to us the high lighting point that man was created with A SPIRIT. As Jesus was A SPIRIT in a body by the Word becoming flesh, even so he preached all men were spirits in bodies. The bible said he became LIKE US in all points yet without sin. Jesus knew perfectly what it was like to live as A SPIRIT with NO BODY(he had done so for all eternity), and when he became flesh like us, he knew what it was like to be a SPIRIT with A BODY.  The thing that needs to be noted in the difference between the Lord and us in all this is IN UNDERSTANDING  and IN RECOGNIZING AND IDENTIFYING THINGS which are physical and things which are spirit  JESUS COULD ALWAYS FULLY DISCERN  BETWEEN THE TWO PARTS. He fully knew HIMSELF and he fully understood and knew what was of the flesh body that he lived inside. He knew what was born of flesh and He knew what was HIMSELF, HIS ETERNAL SELF (see John 17:5) . He knew what was the flesh and he knew and could easily identify what was the spirit of Himself and in man. For Him it was easy. For us we have to have our EYES OPENED TO SUCH THINGS. We have to be taught by the Lord.
      Because of sins dark side we are born into this world blind to the realities of God who is a Spirit and to the heavenly things of God. But thank God we have an eye opening Savior, who prayed to the Father to send us another Helper to open our eyes and to turn our blind spots into grace spots OF HEAVENLY PLACES filled to the sum with His marvelous light and truth. It all begins with BEING BORN AGAIN.
       Jesus said in John 3:3 that unless a man is BORN AGAIN he cannot see/understand the kingdom of God, which is the way the Spirit of God functions and operates......just sharing my notes....more to come...wetting your spiritual tongue....teasing the spiritual appetite.....God  Bless.....deno......