Sunday, February 23, 2014

Revealing Eternal Life's Everlasting Heartbeat.....deno.....please share freely

1 Corinthians 2:5) So that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.
      The Cross of Christ and his death was not in vain. The cross of Christ and his sufferings, his blood, his death, and resurrection are together the core, the heart, and the everlasting life's HEART BEAT of all them that are born of God and saved. Remove this truth. Remove this as the way. Remove this which is the true gospel of our salvation which is the unchanging foundation; remove it with the Law of Moses, or any other idea, or religion, or name contrary to the Cross of Jesus Christ and his blood, death, and resurrection purpose and power, and you will suffer a major spiritual heart attack. Remove the Cross of Christ and you remove the POWER OF GOD, the redeeming, saving POWER OF GOD unto salvation. (1 Corinthians 1:17-24)
      Paul preached to those at the church of Galatia who left the grace of God unto another gospel of Law, of physical circumcision, and of works for their justification, he preached that they removed themselves from Christ and all that his Cross did for them, and that they had fallen from grace. Friends, that is suffering a major spiritual heart attack. Don't be deceived to do the same. Keep your spiritual heart beating strong and healthy every day. Keep in your heart the beginning of our confidence steadfast to the end that by the Cross of Christ and his blood God has redeemed and saved us, and that by his resurrection he justified us unto eternal salvation. Forever let this truth of Christ dwell in you richly every day.
      Trust and obey this above rule and love one another as Christ loved us. In all we say and do, and as we grow in our obeying more of Christ Lordship, we do all good things and good works because we know and believe that Jesus loves us and gave himself for us at the Cross;  And that God raised him from the dead  FOR OUR LIVING REAL HOPE, FOR OUR COVENANT OF JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH WHEREBY WE HAVE PEACE WITH GOD, AND FOR OUR JUSTIFICATION UNTO LIFE. This is the unchangeable gospel. This is the right way, the right truth, and the everlasting heart beat of eternal life. Christ himself is our ALL.....deno.

Hebrews 3:14) For we are made partakers of Christ, IF WE HOLD THE BEGINNING OF OUR CONFIDENCE STEADFAST TO THE FINISH LINE......The beginning of our confidence is the foundation of our faith. This foundation was, it is, and it always shall be Jesus Christ and him crucified and raised from the dead. No other foundation can be laid but that which from the beginning has been laid.