Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good News from the Good News.......deno.

      We can learn something from most teachers just be sure to filter if need be........
.......Jesus while on earth sat down with people of all different types of character flaws and sins yet he loved them His Way anyway. He knew what was in man. He knows all that is in our hearts even now. He could see beneath the veil of the flesh and see all their hearts thoughts, intents, imaginations (Ranging from PG13 to R to the X figures) and he knew they were evil and none could hide their heart from him. Still despite that inward unholy site, He did not let that keep him from coming into the world and he did not let that sight remove himself from loving them Gods Way or feeding them the words of life. He came to seek and save that which was lost. He plainly stated, "it is not the well that need a physician but the sick people." He knew we all were the sick people. He knew we all desperately needed Him (His Atoning Blood). He knew also we were all evil and yet knowing all this about us he loved us anyway and his love for us is far more powerful to save than all our sins combined power to condemn.
       Even though we were evil to the core, with none of us having any acceptable righteousness according to the scriptures, still Jesus gave himself for us anyway. That is Gods true love message in the Message of His Cross. This love understood brings forth confidence in the heart to approach God with ones faiths eyes fixed on the goodness of God that one sees in the true love in the Message of His Cross. He loves us despite us. He loved us even though he fully knew us. As the old song goes of Jesus, He that knew us best, still loved us the most.
       In Jesus' giving of himself on the Cross, He became Gods Saving Power for the weak. Paul wrote, Gods love is revealed in this, When we were yet sinners, helpless to save ourselves and without strength, Christ died for us who are called the ungodly (Romans 5:5-11, a good news read).....Amazing love...Amazing Grace....Amazing Redemption by an Amazing Redeemer.....For God So Loved The World. For God So Loved You.......deno......share freely.