Monday, April 13, 2015

The Lord Is With Us. So I Will Call Upon The Name of the Lord......deno.......share freely.

     Psalms 23:4) Even though I walk through the VALLEY of the shadow of death (or in the deepest darkest time of my life) there You are still with me. Your rod and your staff (His Presence, His Word, His Love and Grace) they comfort me.

     I will call upon the Name of the Lord my God and Savior thru it all......
     Lord, Stephen called upon your Name and cried in his dying, Lord into your hands I entrust my spirit and you took his spirit into glory.....Lord, Peter also called upon your Name and cried while he was sinking and Jesus you moved in on his situation when things were going bad and sinking. In all those situations when dying, when walking on the water good times, and in those cries in those sinking times JESUS WAS THERE and he responded to their CALL OUT....That is GOOD NEWS.
       All these above mentioned situations have their own grace and salvation glory to be preached. When things are going good we still call upon the name of the Lord. In dying we call upon the name of the Lord. When trouble comes and the situation seems hopeless we call upon the name of the Lord, LORD SAVE ME. Stephen when he was being stoned to death, he called upon the Lord. The Lord chose not to save Stephen that day from the stoning, but when Stephen was being stoned to death Jesus was there, he was all over that situation. Jesus chose rather to open Stephens eyes in A divine Vision at the end of Stephens work on earth and Stephen saw Jesus applauding him with a standing ovation. Stephen though in that situation was not delivered from the stones HE STILL DIED SAVED and filled with the Spirit of the Lord who gave him the divine Vision as Stephen was breathing his last few breaths on earth. He was heaven bound and ascended to eternal rewards.
       Our God is mighty to save, to rescue, to heal, and to restore even all things. One day he will restore the WHOLE CREATION with full newness OF SITUATION and with FULL NEWNESS OF LIFE. So we can be assured He can handle our situations. He just wants us to BELIEVE calling upon His Name really believing in His great love for us shown in the giving of His Son and in His mighty promises, promises sworn and given to us to give all of us hope and to cause FAITH TO ARISE.

     The Lord is with us on our mountains and the Lord is with us when we are on the cross. The Lord is with us in the Shadow of the Almighty, and the Lord is with us in the shadow of our toughest trials. He did not promise us an easy road in living this life or in following Him, but He did promise us His Presence and that all things are possible to those that believe. He did promise us that He would not abandon us. He said, Lo I am with you always even to the end of the world. He said those words knowing in full our road ahead. In the good times and the persecution times He promised to be with us. He knew the easier times and he knew the hardship times and He promised in all of it to always be with us whether it was in peace or in the pain from the dust or from the hate the world would have for us. He commanded us to be believing in Him and in His Promises to us thru it all. Faith Jesus preached and faith endures unto the finish line.

     When Paul was given stripes on his back, while in pain and while bleeding Jesus was with him and in Him. When Paul was on that ship and that ship was breaking apart due to the vicious storm, Jesus had appeared to Him. Jesus was in Paul when the ship broke apart. When the snake bit Paul, Christ in him his hope of glory answered back with power. When Paul was full of the Holy Ghost preaching, Jesus was with him and in him. When people rejected his preaching and stoned him, Jesus was with him and In Him thru all of that to.
      When Stephen was being stoned after his evangelizing message, the bible says Stephen was full of faith and full of the Holy Ghost, meaning Jesus was in him mightily thru it all and right before Stephen died he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God in a vision. The Lord was in Stephen in the preaching and in all those miracles of healings. The Lord was in and with Stephen when Stephen  was being stone. The Lord was in Stephen when Stephen died and the Lord was in and with Stephen when Stephen gave up the ghost. Lo, Jesus said, I Am with you always. Thru it all these learned to trust in Jesus, they learned to trust in God. Even when the rose manifested its thorns now and then, THEY STILL CLEAVED TO THE GOD OF THEIR LIFE AND HOPE.
      Our rough or even fiery trials of life never are to be interpreted as Christ is not with us nor in us, or that He has abandoned us. Don't let yourself be deceived by that kind of thought. Even in the early years of the church, when the world viciously attacked the church and persecuted them in the most cruel manners, Christ who was crucified by the same spirit was there in them and with them....Have faith in God on the mountain and Have faith in God in the valley of the shadow of death. Jesus is with us who believe and belong to Him......deno.