Monday, April 13, 2015

From Milk to the Meat There is Plenty of Bread for Eveybody (Jesus).....deno......share freely.

Ezekiel 34:16)
GOD'S WORD® Translation
      I will look for those that are lost, and bring back those that have strayed away. I will bandage those that are injured, and strengthen those that are weak........

Isaiah wrote, All we like sheep had gone astray, every one to his own world and the Lord laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all.

      Many many times in the days of the prophets God said, RETURN UNTO ME. God had to preach that sermon over and over again because His people were not in love with Him and they kept on being disobedient and would stray away from Him back into the world of sin...But there are other sermons God wants to preach and other teachings He wants to teach. Other bread He contains to feed the FAITHFUL AND OBEDIENT ONES.

      There is bread for the lost. There is bread for the found. There is bread for the disobedient and there is bread for the faithful. There is bread for the sin lover and there is bread for the sanctified. There is bread for the weak and there is bread for the strong. There is bread for the poor and their is bread for the rich. The Tithe and giving to the needy is Gods bread to all of us at all levels.

      So when we see some obedient ones prospering in the far more than enough measure, and those who are strong in faith flourishing in life, in life more abundantly, and in the land, if they were faithful to God, obedient to God and Believed God for greater measures well glory then be to God.  WHY TRY TO KNOCK THEM DOWN. But at the same time in the bibles hall of  faith in Hebrews chapters 11 & 12 we clearly find that many who were rich in faith lived rather without, living in caves and were poor in worldly standards yet they had this testimony that THEY PLEASED GOD. But still we have the covenant promises given for the mix of faith thru the hope we have in Christ for today, for the tomorrows, and for all eternity. Mark 11:23-24.

      Jesus said, if we are thankful and faithful in small things, God will give us more greater substance and greater things to be thankful and faithful and blessed with. Study the scriptures and you will find this to be the truth. Remember about the talents distributed? Some hid theirs. Some caused increase. Jesus rebuked the non profiting servant and praised the ones who were faithful and increased the substance that He gave them. There little turned into much. This by God can happen in the flourishing and in the prosperity of the spirit, the soul and the bodies life. 

      Remember the prayer of the apostle John, John prayed, And I ask God that you prosper and be in good health even as your soul prospers. He was aware by the Spirit of the Lord that we by Christ, we can prosper in all three realms of life. That is why he prayed such a prayer as we just read. To what measure the increase and prosperity ranges from the intent of God, to how much we sow. He that sows much reaps much, And in this, Jesus said to us all, Be it unto you as you really believe. The worlds ways is much different. When they gain by sin and evil they lose their soul. But those who prosper by God, HAPPY ARE THEY here and beyond the grave. Even as God offers Christ presence, peace and joy here on earth and in heaven. Its all here and there for the laying holt of thru the obedience of faith and faithfulness to God in the small unto the great. Much of it has to do with our diligence and our faith measure in the mix.

      Jealousy never gets Gods favor. The humble God exalts, but the proud He resist...Most of these that people knock for their abundance they had very humble beginnings and they were thankful, faithful, and praised God in the small.....Lets be thankful in the small and in the abundance. Jesus gave thanks for just a few loaves and a couple of fish. Then God MULTIPLIED them into a far more than enough abundance.....Food for faith and thought.

      In heaven there is no one ever preaching for people to return unto the Lord or to repent. They are all established in holiness and obedient to God. But I promise you this. They are all being taught and learning more and more from the bread of life. God has much to teach them also for an ETERNITY of increase in light. And I assure of this also. They Are All Prosperous. Their inheritance in incredible. They are the heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ (Acts 26:17-18)...deno.