Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Your Raging Disobedient Daughter Said What?.....deno......share freely.

       If your raging disobedient child shouted to you while you were chastising her these words, she said, "Mom, Dad leave me alone, after all the preacher said that Jesus said, judge not and condemn not". Would you walk away from your child and say well its ok for her to go to those wild parties, get drunk, get pregnant, do all she wants with whomever and with whatever, after all Jesus said judge not and condemn not? No you wouldn't do that, not if you really cared for her. You would with loving parenting authority discipline her and tell her RIGHT FROM WRONG. 
     Many think judge not and condemn not means to tolerate anyone and everything, but that is in no way what Jesus meant by those words....REPENT.
     We cannot have the believing part without the repenting part. We cannot have the believing part and cast off the repenting part.The combination of the two is the winning combination in the TRUE GOSPEL.
      Before Jesus ever said the word BELIEVE or said anything about BELIEVING, He said first the word REPENT...Mark 1:14-15....My gospel idea for years was one of belief without true repentance or holiness. Eventually I ran into Gods rebuke about my gospel idea....So glad I did.....deno.