Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Words of Truth. Words That Burn. Gods Word on the Gay Issue.......share freely......deno.

     The gay life style, if it were normal naturally occurring behavior why then is it that no where, not even in one single sentence of the holy print of the scriptures ever called the beauty of heaven, or the way of the Lord, or the right path. God always addressed the gay act as sin that must be repented of. Jesus even said, Had the people of Sodom seen His works, THEY WOULD HAVE REPENTED AND THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN SPARED. This means they would have confessed that behavior was sin, was wrong and would have forsaken that act and life style unto salvation. In other words they would have stopped doing this act. They would go and sin no more. But some love and enjoy this act (Sin) and life style, and for them the fire of Gods word on this matter burns. It even causes rage from conviction. Gods word does that some time.
       The more we love darkness, the more we love the pleasure of our sin, the more we love this world, then the more GODS TRUE WORD TROUBLES OUR SPIRITS AND CONSCIOUS.....and Jesus said, Had the people of Sodom seen His works (THE HEALINGS AND THE MIRACLES) they would have REPENTED. He in no place said they would have marched for their right to do this sin. THEY WOULD HAVE TURNED FROM IT. THEY WOULD HAVE REPENTED.
       The work of the Lord does not approve or condone this sin, this behavior, and the works Jesus did were done in part so that all of us would know and see that Gods power and truth is in Jesus His Son and that Gods authority is something all will reckon with in the Judgement. God has the ultimate and final say so. He is the beginning and He is the end.
       People fight and fuss over this issue. But God who is the same yesterday, today and forever has never compromised or changed His word or His law or His mind on this sin. He still commands all to REPENT.
       Seems that America and the world are blind to the effects of what children seeing this sin openly expressed in public, what it will eventually do to their discernment of what is right and of what is wrong, of what is light and of what is of darkness being that it is made openly acceptable in the society and called NORMAL BEHAVIOR. If this is not considered sin in human behavior then no other sexual sin in the bible such as fornication and adultery will be considered a sin or wrong in that society.....Behold the day of the great falling away from the Lord has come 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13.

      For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son.....And the Son He sent, His first word preached was REPENT. He said repent, before he ever said one word about believing. Repent is a true priority Word given us from the Lord himself. Please don't ignore it......deno.