Thursday, April 30, 2015

They Didn't Bend, They Didn't Bow, They Didn't Burn. They Did Not Compromise Gods Word. It Was Not About Money In Those Days. It Was About Principle, Godly Character, and Standing Up For God and For What Is Right In Gods Sight......deno......share freely.

       Sometimes telling it like it really is can hurt and be painful. But when Gods truth is stood on, stood up for, and NOT COMPROMISED for any reason, God will honor the upholders. Jesus upheld Gods word even to the cross and not compromising that word got him the biggest and greatest reward from God. He was given the greatest Name that is above every name and he got the highest seat of honor forever, Jesus sits in the Throne of God at Gods right hand.
       It pays to stand up for God, to stand on His Word, to uphold and defend His Word in the midst of all out opposition and to never compromise it no matter the cost or the pain. How far are we willing to go to Stand up Stand up for Jesus and all the Word of the Lord? The early church did not give in, bend, or compromise the doctrines of Christ, nor the manifold counsel of God even though fed to the lions.
       The times we live in now are not for childish fantasies or church game playing or have you not noticed this yet? Those in authority are purposely pushing the buttons of the Church to see the level of our sincerity, commitment, courage, luke warmness, compromise, and toleration. Remember the song of the three that took the  great uncompromising stand in Daniels day? They didn't bow, they didn't bend, THEY DIDN'T BURN......deno.....share freely.