Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Israel Rejected Jesus As Messiah.....please share freely......deno.

     Jesus did not fit the carnal natural minds religious fantasy of what Israels elders imagined and wanted Messiah to LOOK LIKE and to be like. All the healing's and all the miracles, and all those people Jesus raised from the dead, and the preaching of repentance and of faith and obedience to Christ message of love and of His Lordship over them, they little esteemed concerning Messiah. THEY DID NOT WANT TO ACCEPT THAT PART OF MESSIAH NOR DID THEY WANT TO HEAR THAT...Jesus told them, You do not hear nor understand My Words nor the scriptures concerning Me. Even his closest disciples had to have their eyes opened to see the scriptures concerning Christ. Read Luke 24:44-48.
      What they wanted was a mighty warrior and a man of wisdom and economy wits THAT THEY COULD MAKE WORLD PRESIDENT OR KING LIKE OVER THEM AND THE WORLD to make them prosperous and super rich, super strong, and of fierce countenance in this life and in this world. Someone of riches, of power, one of glory, and worldly splendor  and militant superiority of the battle field like king David was and Solomon, that could rise them above all the powers of the world and make them rulers of the earth with all nations including Rome under their feet with Messiah as King. As that kind of Savior.....Not the law of sin and death deliverer of His People. Not the Savior that saves us from sin and hell. No, they wanted the Jewish mighty one for this life's profitings. They did not understand the spiritual or heavenly side of Messiah, Read John 3:1-21.
     They failed to see the stages of the Christ scriptures written appointments and of the importance of His blood and suffering scriptures, and why those scriptures said that Christ must first suffer and then enter into His Glory (Matthew 24:44-53), then later return to carry and deliver and exalt His Redeemed, those who were saved by His Blood. 
      When Jesus returns from heaven to earth the 2nd time in GREAT POWER AND GLORY that all the world will see all together at once, then shall his enemies be put underfoot. Then shall the government of all the world be placed upon his shoulder and shared with all the Redeemed both the Christian Jews and the Christian Gentiles whom Jesus will appoint as rulers of territories and cities and nations. But not till the spirit of AntiChrist has ran his course to fulfill 2 Thessalonians 2:1-13.....
     What is your image of Jesus? What is your image of his return? What should we all be doing at his return? Working for Jesus. Witnessing for Jesus. Living for Jesus. Dying daily for Jesus. In fellowship with Jesus. Washed in His blood. Risen with Christ (Colossians 3:1-4). Loving the brethren. Living holy and separated lives, not in sin. Calling upon the Name of the Lord. Watching our tongues. We should BE BELIEVING. Keeping our watching lamps full of oil SO THAT WE ARE NOT BLINDED BY THE WORLD. Abounding in the work of the Lord with thanksgiving. Loving the Lord our Savior more and more. Helping. Hoping. Visiting the sick and those in prison. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the poor. Bearing each others burdens. Not weighed down with love for this world and the cares of this life. Redeeming the times knowing the days are evil. Aiding our appointed shepherds/pastors. Blessing one another in the Name of Jesus Christ. Resisting the devil and the spirit of antiChrist in prayer and in strengths of all sorts God given......deno......please share freely.