Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Spirit Of AntiChrist Unveiled......please share freely.....deno.

      Note: The spirit of the AntiChrist is not anti Jew, it is the spirit of the devil which is anti Jesus as the Christ, as the Son of God by whom God made the worlds (Important point there). The spirit of  the AntiChrist, it's goal and mission is to take from Jesus Christ the Anointed of God, the glory that only He deserves and to give it to another by means of deceived and mislead Jews who crucified the Christ, and who counted His blood as an unholy thing, and by the world who is blind to heavenly things, and are totally unanchored to fantasize about a world without God, and a world full of alien possibilities and many other delusions, as in the theory of evolution that scientist know today is a lie but for AntiChrist promotion it is still preached despite moderns day science contradiction and discoveries to it with the present observable facts found in DNA and other resounding truths.
     The spirit of AntiChrist was first manifested to have infiltrated into the heart and the mind of Judas and into the  majority of the Chosen People of God first in Israel. It was first thru them that came the first stages of direct face to face confrontation of man with the Lord from heaven who had become flesh. Under the bewitchings of the spirit of AntiChrist upon their theology and upon their heavenly perception of the Messianic Scriptures as clearly seen in Isaiah 61:1-3 and in Isaiah 52:13-15, and in Isaiah 53:1-12, that under it's subtle and crafty spell they argued against him (Jesus Christ the Anointed, Empowered Son of God). They challenged and withstood Jesus  all the way to the Cross of Christ despite the thousands and thousands of notable miracles of healing THEY TOGETHER SAW AND WITNESSED. Even the resurrection of many raised from the dead. (Matthew 27:50-54) (They united against Jesus and withstood him to the cross of their own desolation of the Spirit of truth and to their being fully handed over to the reprobation of their minds by the spirit of error and of AntiChrist thinking and behavior to withstand Jesus thru out their generations unto the future generations even to this day. These are heavily backed by Satans power over this world and it's finances, it's riches, over it's fame stages, it's glory and splendor supply and powers to continue this until the AntiChrist fully comes on the scene as the scriptures foretold in bodily form in the last days of grace. 
      These words of truth just penned above about how thru Jesus Christ God created the heavens and the earth, puts Jesus with the Father upon the throne of God BEFORE THE WORLD BEGAN. This truth Satan knows is THE TRUTH for he was there years ago in heaven and saw the glory of the Son of God with the Father in the Godhead, with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all in One Triune Spirit in Spirit Divine Mix.(Recall with me that the scriptures says that Jesus proceeded out of the Throne and Bosom of God the Father and that He was WITH THE FATHER to be revealed in due season as He was when the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us in Israel......
     But it is this truth he, the spirit of AntiChrist, tries to hide from men because it puts Jesus in the hearts and minds of men EXALTED far above all his religious and non religious beliefs that he has formed in the world in the belief structures of the hearts and minds of men in his formations of their thoughts, thinking and cultures. And it also gives great great power and significance to the blood of His Cross, the Cross of Christ the Son of God our Redeemer and our Redemption wrought by His Precious Blood.
     Satan, the spirit of AntiChrist, he is the ruler of the darkness of this worlds blindness to heaven and to the true Divine things that are of God...So whether you are a Jew or a Gentile, if you do not believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God by whom God created the worlds, you are in the dark and you have been over powered in your thoughts and in your believing by the spirit of AntiChrist and by the Power of the Prince of all Darkness and Delusions of deceptions in this world.....Setting the record straight in Jesus Name.....Jesus Is Lord....deno.......please share freely.