Thursday, July 31, 2014

TOLERANCE...The devil and our enemies favorite word.......deno.......please share freely.

      Why is it that with this Presidency and his communistic, Muslim, left administration agenda, that more and more WE THE PEOPLE seem to have our hands tied to do real justice against him and them for all this constitutional lawbreaking and in all this unlawful invasion of our boarders? Tolerance Tolerance Tolerance has been preached by him and them to us for years now and it seems that He/they keep taking advantage of us and our nation thru the imposed demand of Tolerance in huge ways rearranging and redefining things that before we thought were set in stone unable to be altered because they were founded upon the Word of God the bible. When they use the word tolerance or political correctness it seems most of that is geared up to give place to wrong and evil, lawless & immoral  behavior that is forbid by God, and to give place to false religions and more sinful things.

      How do we not know that even all this boarder trespassing that the President and the left push is not going to bring us a 911 just ahead....or down the road of horror flick proportions..It is written, Neither give place to the devil. Neither give place to the enemy...Yet he preaches Tolerate Tolerate Tolerate.... Tolerance is one of the devils and all our enemies most favorite words...?
      Father send your help from on high and on earth  to us to save us from our Nations enemies, and from those who oppose Your Name and Gospel Glory, and from those who exalt their will above the Word and will of God, and from those who war and betray the Constitution of the United States, and from those who unlawfully try to enter or  have entered across our boarders, and from all of the enemies of the Cross of your Son our risen Lord Jesus Christ. In Jesus Name So Be It.