Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Words and the Judgement.......deno......share freely.

.......Luke 11:33) NKJV.... No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a Lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.
......Gods Words are Gods Light Carriers...What are our words carrying? If darkness then how great is that darkness? If our words are empty of the Son of Gods light, then how empty is our heart of His Light? If our words have no light in them they are then the idol words Jesus spoke of. Jesus said, all people shall give account for all their idol words they spoke in their life time on earth. That is the Word of the Lord. A non light filled word is as vain chatter to God. A language that God would rather not hear.
.......As I personally study the Words of Jesus in every verse, it amazes me how bright it shines that our Lord NEVER SPOKE AN IDOL EMPTY OF LIGHT WORD...NOT ONE....No wonder John said that God gave Jesus His Spirit without measure. Jesus was fully committed to never speak one idol word ever. What A Savior. Jesus was morning to night the fully committed and fully devoted Son of God.

........ Is the great congregation of the church empty of the manifestations of the presence and Spirit of the Lord realities? Idol words can surely cause a famine of Spirit of the Lord manifestations. Such words grieve the Spirit of God. Such idol words QUENCH THE SPIRIT of the Lord. Jesus knew this and that is why He personally stayed completely away from them. He never gave place to a single idol empty of Gods light word.
........ What is the measure of our commitment to God in our words and conversations? Is our mouth constantly filled with idol words? Are we suffering from IDOLATRY OF THE MOUTH????? Jesus said, By our words we shall be justified or by our words we shall be condemned..We all must give more serious thought to this light of life matter....
........Proverbs 16:24) Pleasant words are like the honeycomb, SWEET TO THE SOUL and HEALTH to the bones...Lord Jesus light up our hearts with your marvelous light so that our mouth will be Gods light to both Jew and Gentiles. Amen....share freely......deno.