Tuesday, March 31, 2015

People Are Praying and Crying Out To God In Your Local Town.....deno.....share freely.

      Be a blessing more and more to someone in your local community soon. Buy a stranger a load of groceries. Hand a person an envelope with money in it and write on it that Jesus is thinking of you. Pay for someones gas by surprise. Take some clothes you own to a needy person in your area and watch them smile. Pay somebodies electric bill...I feel the Lord has been impressing upon me to share this and to do this more and more myself.    
     We often times send our offerings out of our local communities when locally we could be putting smiles on peoples faces and meeting needs here in our own towns in Jesus Name. Imagine we Gods children in our own local communities doing  this so much that it becomes a constant GOOD HABIT? Imagine the new talk of the town this would become and of the testimonies. Imagine the praise to the Lord this would bring for they see Christ giving love really real and in action more and more on the local scale. Heaven knows that in these days we now live in, such praise to God and such conversation needs to be heard in heaven ascending from the earth, from every heart, town, and city. Scroll Down.
      People in our own communities are praying these days and crying out in tears to God for help and for needs to be met and so often we have like walked right on by them out of our local towns to help people far far away from us who we never even see. Jesus always ministered to the needs of the people in the town that he was in. ALWAYS.....deno......share freely.