Sunday, March 15, 2015

Revelation Given Me About Jesus, The Body Builder..When You See It You'll Get It.......deno......share freely.

.......I was amazed and yet so happy when he opened these ears and these eyes saying....The reason that on the day of Pentecost that I came boldly to My children like a rushing mighty wind and entered into them, into the throne of their hearts without complaint, upbraiding not, and without any hesitation was because....GET THIS..... I was lighting upon and entering into the SAME flesh and bone body of the SAME SON of mine (Hello)(Ephesians 1:22-23). My Son had been BODY BUILDING thru the workout of the Cross.
.......I love the way the Lord brings His things to my level and relates things to me so that I can understand them. Jesus is a BODY BUILDER, and with every new believer more muscle is added to HIS ONE BODY made up of MANY MEMBERS.
.......On the day of Pentecost Christ had been BODY BUILDING on earth and the Holy Spirit entered His Muscle Increase. He that has ears to hear, Jesus said, Let them hear.

......If we want to ENTER into more Love Grace, look at the pic and remember what Jesus said that we all have to do to enter His Kingdom and things...God resisteth the proud but promises to give His grace to those that humble themselves. It is so TRUE.......deno.