Monday, March 16, 2015

We Have Got To Get The Fire Back..The Fire of the Holy Spirit....SO IMPORTANT........deno.....share freely.

......When the real and bright light of Jesus Christ shines bright in this world (JOHN 3:19-21) and when that which holds the wolves and the lions back is taken OUT OF THE WAY as shown in (2 Thess 2:6-7), it is then that the real truth of how wicked, evil, and mean the worlds heart is, it is then revealed and shown, and the vicious haters of the REAL LIGHT (the True Gospel) comes forth (John 7:7) to do the devils bidding.
 ........The Cross of Christ, his blood, death, and resurrection is the great saving and stirring light.  That light causes the full revelation of Satan and the AntiChrist evil heart and their real hate of that REAL LIGHT to be shown on the earth. When that light is less shinning on the earth they rise and take advantage of it. For they walk comfortably in darkness, but where Christ real light shines, the brighter that light shines it often times stops them in their tracks like light does when it is shined in a snakes eyes. But when THAT LIGHT shines little, they are given greater place to and their works multiply in peoples lives, in society and in our world.
......Remember, all thru Christ shinning his light on earth, the wolves and the lions were always nearby trying and hoping to get their teeth into him using men as their present serpents. But around the Lord was a mighty hedge of Gods Covenant Protecting Power (Angels) to keep Jesus safe from all of them until the CROSSES APPOINTED TIME WOULD COME. When that time had finally come, Jesus had to surrender that hedge of protection up, it had to be taken out of the way, no one could take that hedge from him, he had to LAY IT DOWN. He had to lay down his life and surrender that body unto death, unto death by the Cross. And when that surrender happened, when he removed His Covenant hedge so to lay down his life, it was then that the dark lions and dark wolves of the worlds darkness finally were able to move in and they got there teeth into Jesus in the form of whips, staff, crown of thorns, spear, and thru hammer and nails and a Cross with Christ name on it.
........The real light of Christ shining always brings light, life and blessings in its shine, but it also brings the wolves and the lions of darkness all around. If it were not for Gods present covenant shield FOR PROTECTION given for us by faith in Jesus Christ (Ephesians 6:16), then those lions and wolves would be putting their teeth into us in full Cross mode or similar hate demonstrations (ISIS like)
...... Notice 2 Thess 2:6-7, it says the full manifestation of the AntiChrist, all his lies and lying glory and lying wonders and all his hate for Jesus Christ, cannot be fully manifested until that (the hedge, the restraining force) which holds him back is taken out of the way or is SURRENDERED. This happens partly because the Church quit resisting and quit skillfully fighting in the Spirit for their rights in Christ Jesus . Instead of them being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might and casting out Satan and binding his works, they laid the power down falling in love with this world and were deceived to let loose of the power. Those lions and wolves said among themselves, hey look the saints have laid down the power. They have fell in love with our bosses world and the things of the world and they are far more interested in those things than keeping us out of their lives. Come lets take advantage of this open door and fill the hearts and the souls and the nations with us wicked spirits to worsen their conditions on the earth. This gave Satan also a huge place all over America and the world. The Church itself laid their power and authority down by half hearted interest and luke warm devotion and distant participation and these kinds of sins gave Satan great place in the latter days until finally Satan was given even fulness place and the AntiChrist finally became flesh and dwelt among the world.
........Friends the new testament shows us that people in Paul and in the early churches days PRAYED ALWAYS with all manner of prayer. They prayed night and day. They prayed without ceasing. They had all day prayer times and all night prayer times. I've been told that the most power filled ministers and churches of the last 300 years on earth have often had 24/7 prayers going on by the church members around the clock. THAT'S DEDICATION. Living Sacrifices like that are powerful and avail much in the spirit world when wrought in Jesus Name. Those peoples fire kept the wolves and lions of the darkness further away and less and less in manifestation on earth. But where there is little fire in the darkness, the lions and wolves fear less. Now the church, the Salt of the earth has so watered itself down extinguishing its own fire out, almost to the point that is has become a theatrical show of worldly light and with little blood of Christ light and prayers are like a mysterious flash with even the angels themselves saying to one another, what was that and a UFO?....please hear what God is saying to us His children......deno.....share freely.