Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Of My OMG Moments with Jesus......deno.....share freely.

......When you look at your life past and present, and it more deeply dawns on you as like startling that God has graced you and MANIFESTED HIMSELF to you in what to you is peculiar ways and you look at these things, sit there pondering them in your heart and you know, I mean you know that your not the cream of the crop, and you know you have not been the most sanctimonious church member, and that you have been one of the chiefest sinners, maybe even professional at it from time to time and yet despite all this on the record of your life you have seen the Lord show up in certain forms in visions, visitations, audible words, dreams, revelations, demonstrations, and in the Power of the Spirit and you say to Him how can all these things be when yet I did all those things before? He rises up and says, My Love, My Mercy, My Forgiveness, My Grace, My Choice, My Compassion, My Purpose, My Blood, My Spirit, My Power, My Presence, My Righteousness, My Cross, and My Intercessions........You sit there and you contemplate what He has said to you. You think about those words. They go over and over in your hearing like echoes of love and grace. Then after time goes on and after more deeper and more focused thought on those things that He said, SUDDENLY ONE DAY YOUR EYES ARE OPENED, a grace filled light in you goes off and something so beautiful in all of it hits you. Something wonderful DAWNS ON YOU. You realize that you yourself were not even mentioned in all the Answer He gave. It all happened by Christ and Christ alone. That was and is even now a personal OMG moment for me. Not I, Paul said but Christ in me....Christ is all of it from the root to the fruit. Lord I bow my knees and say thank you Jesus. To You Be All The Glory forever and ever. Friends You Are Greatly Loved and You Are Gloriously Called By The Living God And Savior......Amen......deno.

Ephesians 2:8-10) For by grace you are saved thru faith and that not of your doings, it is the gift of God. Not of men's doings lest men boast.......and SOMETIMES for by grace are we called thru faith and that not because of anything we did to deserve it, that calling is a gift of the grace of God. Then God graces you more for His purpose and you learn to seek His face and obey the Lord that in all things Christ be honored and glorified.