Monday, March 16, 2015

Mary Madalene, Her Passion For Christ......deno....share freely.

.......John 20:15)..Mary Magdalene was at the tomb of Jesus. His body was gone. Thinking that his body was possibly stolen and SO MISSING HER LORD she broke down crying.....Jesus sees her heart. He walks over to her in a hidden type form and says, Woman why are you weeping so much? Whom do you seek? She said, I'm seeking Jesus My Lord.
     Brothers and sisters in Christ, are we that in love with Jesus as Mary was? Do we miss His presence so much we are in longing and crying about it due to the feelings of His absence? Like Marys passion for the Lord, if we seek the Lord fervently with all our hearts love WE WILL FIND HIM. He will more and more MANIFEST HIMSELF to us, and in our lives. 

     When you have really been touched by Jesus in your soul, when there seems to be an absence of that touch, of His presence, the more it means to you the more deeply you feel about it when its there and when it seems absent. If you have been touched as deep in your soul as Mary had been with Jesus, you to would show such emotion at the thought of His absence. Nothing compares to the touch and the taste of the Lords Spirit and presence in us and in our life. Worth seeking after with all our passion to taste it or to re-taste it. Worth selling all Jesus said, to buy that field, where the fruit of the Presence and taste of the Lord has been planted in that ground and is grown ready for you to harvest into your life thru the obedience that comes from real faith.
     Mary, who before was a prostitute, in whom Jesus cast out seven wicked spirits out of (her loose ways opened doors for their entrance), SHE FELL IN LOVE WITH JESUS. When he set her free she tasted in herself the change, the beautiful deliverance that he gave her from those wicked spirits that drove her lust to her madness with multiple men, and for this purification she was love and life struck with Jesus. His works and entrance into her life made pleasantly new and bright her days as Gods smile she felt in her soul daily. Those that hunger and thirst for righteousness Jesus said WILL BE SATISFIED.Holiness had become her. She was a changed woman. VERY GRATEFUL.
      Jesus said, those that are forgiven much loves much, Mary proved that word true. Her love for Jesus her deliverer and Savior was with sanctification passion unto newness of life in sweet peace and holiness in fellowship with the MASTER. When she thought He was gone she wept tremendously. REAL LOVE.......deno.....share freely.